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Thursday, August 19, 2010

ICE says, "See no illegals, hear no illegals, there ARE no illegals....."

In what is incontrovertibly the next step in this Administrations policy to allow unfettered access to our borders, ICE is discussing new guidelines calling for a much more restrictive environment for identifying illegal invaders. In what has been a cooperative effort between ICE and properly authorized local officials, if a suspected illegal was identified during a routine traffic stop, that invader could be identified and taken in to custody. According to ICE Chief John Morton, this is to be no more.
ICE's misleadingly-named Office of State and Local Cooperation (OSLC) has announced the next step in the Obama administration's efforts to drastically diminish the scope of immigration law enforcement. According to a draft policy document now being circulated among a limited group of stakeholders, ICE chief John Morton intends to prohibit not only his officers, but also local officers with 287(g) immigration authority, from busting illegal aliens who are discovered as a result of traffic violations.
This change in attitude by ICE is a direct result of agencies such as the ACLU pretending these officers are trumping up charges against innocent illegals for the sole purpose of sending them back. The first issue with that line of thinking is if they are here illegally-they are not innocent. This attitude that all the folks who cross are borders do so only to work in the jobs Americans won't do or to take care of our yards or do our housework is a complete fallacy. Many traffic stops have turned up drug gangs and those individuals involved in human trafficking. Even so, even if it only turned up those who are breaking our laws by coming here, it would be a relief to the system and would help undo the damage that has been done for all these years. The folks in Washington give us all the talk about how they want to secure the borders and not give amnesty to the millions of invaders here now, yet they continue to relax the rules and loosen the border to the point of not having a border, all the while looking for new ways to allow those already here to stay here without retribution.

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