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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

There is a chance I'm moving to New Jersey

It is starting to seem like Governor Christie may be the only one who gets it. In a bold move, it looks as though New Jersey may reject their part of the $26 billion dollar slush fund being divided amongst states that are unable to manage their own budgets.
“It would be prudent in not committing entirely to the idea of taking this money unless we know … what the impact is and the potential unintended consequences,” Drewniak said.
While it would be a shame to see teachers lose jobs, most of these positions could be saved if those folks were willing to sacrifice as the rest of us have had to. In New Jersey alone, Governor Christie points out, all his teachers jobs could be saved with no help from the Federal Government by accepting a wage freeze for one year, and paying 1.5% of their paychecks toward benefits. Is it so hard to imagine most states, public employees and teachers across the U.S. are in exactly the same predicament? In a time of near zero inflation and already excessive spending by those in charge don't we all need to come together and huddle down?
Representative Jeb Hensarling, Republican of Texas, said of the decision to call back the House: “This is a national emergency. Apparently Congress has not spent enough money.”
Yep. That about nails it.

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