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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Face Punch Wednesday

Robert Gibbs-Today "Baghdad Bob" neatly lied and avoided answering the question as to whether President Obama would give President Bush the acknowledgement he deserves in the successes of the Iraq war. Gibbs went on to say candidate Obama had said "there was no doubt adding 20,000 men and women would improve the situation." In fact, in 2007, then-Senator Obama said the surge of troops "will not in any imaginable way be able to accomplish any new progress". I'm curious to know if Mr. Gibbs is aware we now have video tape and record of most everything everyone ever said at anytime......especially in the House or Senate. For not understanding how truth or video works 8 punches

Hilary Clinton-The State Department and Hilary Clinton included Arizona and their new SB1070 illegal immigration law in a report to the United Nations as an "example" of "how we are debating this as a society." and to provide and example of possible human right violations in the U.S. Using this law as an example along side countries that violate human rights by genocide or flogging women to death is a ludicrous and pathetic attempt at demonizing Arizona in a made-up scenario. Maybe Hilary doesn't understand it is the governments job to secure our borders since she is incapable of securing her own bedroom. Because she cannot understand where her loyalties should lie 10 punches

Rachel Maddow-After the Presidents speech tonight Mr. Maddow went on MSNBC's Countdown to have a complete hissy fit over the one teeny tiny sentence wherin President Obama gave President Bush some acknowledgement of his care and concern for this nation and our security. Saying in part "I mean, it's beyond restraint from President Obama and anybody in the pro-Iraq war, pro-Bush camp who doesn't feel like they've been given the greatest political present they never deserved, was not listening to this speech." Maddow obviously thought Obama was much too gracious and should have completely destroyed Bush over the Iraq war.....as he has attempted to do over the economy, the environment, jobs-you name it, he has blamed Bush for it. Regrettably the only one who has been given the greatest political gift ever given is President Obama, for being elected to the highest office in the land with not one thing to qualify him for it. For having not one single gracious or respectable bone in his body Mr. Maddow gets 10 punches.

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