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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Face Punch Wednesday

Ali Velshi-During his XYZ Segment on CNN, Ali made the argument against extending the Bush era tax cuts using the liberal strawman that tax cuts cost money and saying "Our tax rates are relatively low, and we have not seen a huge surge in spending." Unfortunately, spending is up $5,000 per household, entitlement spending is up to a record 14 percent of GDP and discretionary spending has expanded 79 percent faster than inflation. I'm curious as to where Ali thinks all this debt has come from? Puff the Magic Dragon....nope, just Puff the Puffing President. for not understanding the definition of MORE and UP 5 punches

George Stephanopoulos-On Tuesday George wondered during an interview of Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, if a Florida pastor's threat to burn a Koran could "change" and "challenge" the meaning of the First Amendment. To which Justice Breyer agreed that in a "global" theater we cannot shout "fire". It's curious how the First Amendment is consistanly challenged by those that twist truth and responsible speech on a daily basis. Do you supposed Stephanopoulos feels the same way about peeing on the cross or American flags being burned in the streets? How about viscous lies and rumors about Sarah Palin or Nicki Haley? No, I'm sure that's just everyday reporting. For not understanding freedom applies to everyone, not just those with whom you agree 8 punches.

-First, I must define a Paultard:
A blindly obsessive Ron Paul sycophant hellbent on presidential coronation. This past Sunday St. Louis Tea Party with the help of Tea Party Patriots put on a fantastic rally as a rev-up for the upcoming November elections. For the most part we had great attendance and a good crowd.....except for the Paultards who seem to think the way to get the conservative/Republican vote is to berate us and carry around signs proclaiming Ron Paul 2008. With slogans like "Tea-O-Cons" and "Think Outside the Fox" they are sure to draw our hearts and minds to their side. I'm not sure if they even realize, but Ron Paul is not running for President right now. For being stuck in 2008 and thinking insults are the way to win my vote 7 punches

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