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Friday, September 10, 2010

Franklin County prosecutor declines to pursue criminal charges against Brian Nieves

As it should be:
"After a review of the Washington Police Department report 10-1543 alleging Unlawful Use of a Weapon and Assault in the Third Degree, by Brian D. Nieves against Shawn M. Bell, I have not found evidence that would support criminal charges therefore, I will not be issuing charges based upon the information in this complaint."
Brian was innocent of these accusations the same as he is innocent of the other trillion things the disgusting, pathetic campaign manager for Dick Stratman, Shawn Bell, said about him. Shawn Bell is a contemptible, horrid excuse for a man who did nothing but spread lies and innuendo during the campaign for the Senate race in Missouri's State District 26.

A big hand of recognition to the Franklin County Prosecutors Office for seeing these false allegations for what they were.

Congratulations to my good friend and radio co-host Brian Nieves.

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  1. Remember, Brian still needs your support. The CRIMINAL charges were dropped as baseless... but there is still the civil actions and Brian is still incurring legal costs. Help if you can!