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Saturday, September 4, 2010

My name is Robert Reich and I am a Socialist.

Robert Reich wrote an op-ed for the New York Times yesterday touting the benefits of socialism and raising the tax on top earners to between 70-90%. He had other great ideas, like making public universities free, but then taking 10% of your income for the first 10 years or charging a carbon tax on everyone, then giving those same people their own money back in the form of raising the income limit on the Earned Income Credit up through the middle class. I'm wondering who he thinks would pay the bulk of that carbon tax? He likes “earnings insurance”, guaranteeing you a specific wage for up to two years if you take a lesser paying job. Also, he talked about expanded early childhood education paid for with a .5% tax on ALL financial transactions. Essentially, no area is untouched by the government in order to give, give, give. Folks would have absolutely no way to avoid being on the public dole if a plan like this were implemented.

Robert espouses the virtues of all this government intervention by pointing to the steps taken during The Great Depression.
THE Great Depression and its aftermath demonstrate that there is only one way back to full recovery: through more widely shared prosperity. In the 1930s, the American economy was completely restructured. New Deal measures — Social Security, a 40-hour work week with time-and-a-half overtime, unemployment insurance, the right to form unions and bargain collectively, the minimum wage — leveled the playing field.
What is left off this poignant and beautiful tale of government over-growth is the fact that many economists now believe much of what was done during this time only extended the depression. Moreover, he points to programs like Social Security-now operating in the red and will be bankrupt in a few years-and the unions-which are in such dire straights they are looking at stealing 401k's from hard working Americans who don't even belong to a union in order to pay their pensions and unfunded healthcare costs.

Reich complains the government isn't doing enough to make sure we have a more "widely shared prosperity". Suddenly, it is the governments responsibility to make sure you get your share of others labors. Regrettably Mr. Reich doesn't seem to be aware that is not how things are in the U.S. This idea of shared wealth and prosperity are erroneous theory; it has been tried many times, in many countries, in many forms, left only to fail in the end. The people lose their freedoms, the powerful gain all the wealth and power, the poor become vastly poorer and slaves to the masters. Those who produce will stop producing, they will take their wealth and their talents somewhere else and the rest of us will be left towing the line.


  1. Little weasel. I thought there was something wrong with him other than height. Looks like his brain received a short supply of commons sense, too.

  2. Lets see this Napoleon lead by example. RR should immediately overpay his taxes as per his requirement of others. Then and only then can I take this dwarf seriously.

  3. You say that the result of a more widely shared prosperity, will be that "the powerful gain all the wealth and power, the poor become vastly poorer and slaves to the masters". As if this hasn't been happening for the last 30 years!

  4. You are an uneducated moran.