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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Poor white lib can't understand why a black man would want to be free.

This idiot lib thinks it's OK to demand these black men return to their African religion (Muslim) and then would turn around accuse Tea Partiers of being racists.....how ironic.

Can you imagine how this would play out if someone at the Ground Zero Mosque told a white Muslim to return to their religion of Christianity? I think the media would condemn them to hell and pin them to the Tea Party before the video was done playing.

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  1. Africans were the first Christians. Ethiopians were the first Christian nation, and the nation that has been Christian the longest. The greatest Christian minds/writers of the Early Church, Athanasius, Anthony, Cyprian, Tertullian, Augustine were all African.

    White man's religion? Wasn't Mohammed white? Wasn't it muslims who kidnapped and transported the Africans to the slave ships? Aren't muslim countries still practicing slavery? These are facts.

    I love hearing conservative black Americans defend this country. I am appauled by the ignorance and racist comments of liberals. How completely bigoted that man's comment about 'white man's religion is!'

    Thanks for exposing liberal white America for what is truly is.