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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Republicans hate Latinos

At least that's what Dolores Huerta wants you to think. What's even more awesome is she is telling this to a group of high school students, all the while praising Hugo Chavez.

Glad she's helping Kathleen Sebelius at the HHS to spread the word to illegals they not only have the right to a fair wage, but they also have the right to good housing and safe transportation. Really? Americans don't even have those rights....just the opportunity to get those things for ourselves.


  1. Socialism has worked so well in Venezuela. Hugo Chavez is a tyrant. Venezuela has energy shortages. Caracas now is distinguished by the highest murder rate in the world. The press has been decimated by State censorship. And what little is left is free... except the people. Very sad to watch a vibrant country deteriorate into a third world State before our eyes.

    That is our fate if the Left imposes their authoritarian agenda on society. If we want a free and prosperous society, let the free markets work, shut down the Welfare State, and open the borders to those willing to take the risk for an opportunity to fulfill their individual potential.

  2. US allied Calderon is the President of Mexico, which is home to the city with the 2nd highest murder rate in the world, also allied with Colombia, which held the most dangerous country in the World for decades. Caracas had a high crime rate before Chavez took power, and yes it did get worse, but your logic is just bias gibberish, unrelated to the central point of the comment. Oh hey, let's bring up Venezuela to speak for a comment made about all Latinos.

  3. michelle moore, you're stupid and evil, not dolores huerta

  4. As a tenth generation Latino living in North America, and one who belongs to a family to which the border moved and not us, it is insulting to have Republican and other white racists call is wetbacks, illegals, an not of this land.

    My family has served and defended thiis country with our lives. Thank you revealing yourselves.