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Monday, September 13, 2010

Text of 9/12 Tea Party Speech

I had to cut my already short speech a little shorter from the Tea Party at the Arch on Sunday. I thought I would post the whole thing here.

As conservatives, we find ourselves surrounded by those that claim to represent us, but with whom we have nothing in common. We have the liberal media maligning us, liberal organizations treading on us and a liberal president stealing our future from us. As those on the left spent the last 50 years taking over every aspect of our lives-politics, arts, education- you and I were raising our families, we built our businesses, our communities, our lives---- you know-we were taking care of business of the day. All the while we trusted those we sent to Washington were looking out for us.

No longer can we indulge in this false sense of security. No longer can we let our controversion control us. The political activist of today was born of necessity and a desire to return our country to the people. Some of us are Smart Girls, some Tea Partiers, some are Concerned Women, some “Heard the People Say” and some are Republicans who have been fighting in the trenches for years. Some of us are all of these. Thanks to these groups ---the establishment is finding they can no longer do whatever they want without the glaring light of truth shining down on them.

Within all of these groups, within the movement, one thing we see over and over is the rise of women. There are more women involved in politics and grassroots organizations than ever before. For many of us this is the first time we have gotten engaged in the political process. I’ve met so many powerful and wonderfully passionate women along the way. As conservatives began to realize acquiescing to the other side and the back alley politics of Washington were taking hold and jeopardizing our future- the women looked at our children, our families, our husbands, our partners and we said “THAT’S ENOUGH” We are the women who are going to lead the charge in taking back this country.

Groups like Smart Girl Politics have given conservative women a voice. While organizations like NOW and Code Pink have existed on the other side for years, conservative women have had few groups to represent them. As the past Presidential election cycle came and went and the politics heated up, conservative women began turning out in droves-dying for someone to help them, some to talk to, people to engage with. Smart Girl Politics provides a loud, powerful voice for all conservative women. It has given us a place to educate ourselves about issues, a place to organize, a place to feel empowered.

Our way of life is attacked. Our credibility. Our beliefs. Our characture. Our families…yet we persevere. The time has come for conservatism and true American values to rise to the top and take hold once again.

We are winning. For every set back, we have a win. For every disappointment, we have a victory. RINO’s are being evicted and Democrats are losing seats. Every time the media wants to make this event or that rally or some candidates loss a referendum on all of conservatism and the grassroots movement we come back just that much stronger. We have tasted victory and we like it.

If you need proof of the magnitude of this movement, you need only turn on the TV or open a paper. Main stream media often attack and denigrate regular American citizens without cause or validation. If you are a member if grassroots you are an angry white man, too stupid to pull up your own pants, let alone understand complicated economic policy. You are an extremist, dangerous and likely on the Department of Homeland Security’s watch list for your love of country and your involvement in the grassroots movement. You are a racist and a bigot for asking questions of the Administration and most recently, you are intolerant for having concerns about a new mosque set to be erected a stone’s throw from ground zero.

The party is listening to us now. We must remind them of the glory days of Reagan and what we stand for. We must lead them when they are lost and admonish them if they go astray. We are the leaders now. It’s up to us.

I’m Michelle Moore-thank you!

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