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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Face Punch Wednesday

Jimmy Carter- This week the addled, insane Jimmy Carter opines that Tea Party members are just poor, stupid souls who have no idea they are being lead and funded by the hard right Oligarchs. The nebulous corporate giants who only want to pay no taxes. Unfortunately this tidbit of wisdom is being dropped on us by the worst President ever in history; from a time when interest rates were 20%, we had gas shortages around the nation and unemployment ran at nearly 8%. When that is your reality, today's news looks awesome. For forgetting take your meds and getting loose on an MSNBC set 5 punches

Joy Behar-Last week Joy lost her mind on Bill O'Reily for making a comment about Muslims she didn't agree with, this week she says Sharron Angle is a "bitch" and will "go to hell" for running a campaign ad she doesn't like. She also seems to think voters are uneducated and scared-which is what will cause them to possibly vote Harry Reid out of office. Yes Joy, it has nothing to do with the horrible socialist policies of this administration. It has nothing to do with the 10% unemployment. It has nothing to do with the hostility this governing body has towards its own people. Nope, its none of that Joy, just our plain, dumb ignorance. For finally having lost your mind yet being too stupid to know it 10 punches.

Vivian Schiller-Vivian Schiller and NPR fired Juan Williams this week for comments he made on his feelings on flying with Muslims who choose to dress in full Muslim garb. They claimed Juan's expression of his views did not fit with their journalistic standards. Later in the week she then went on to impune Wlliams' character by suggesting any issues Juan had with Muslims should be worked out between him and his "psychiatrist or publicist". I wonder if those comments fall into the journalistic standards of NPR. I'm sure those standards are quite low and only involve eviscerating those who's words make you feel sad. For not knowing what standards or journalistic integrity is-even if I was to hit you in the face with them 8 punches

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  1. The difference between Vivian Schiller and Juan Williams is Schiller retracted her statements. Williams did not.