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Sunday, October 3, 2010

One Nation. What's yours is mine.

October 2, 2010 several unions, labor groups and community organizer groups came together to participate in the "One Nation" Rally. It seemed the general theme of this rally was the idea that "what's theirs is theirs and whats yours is theirs". It is just more of the same-they want more of you what you have; they don't think you do enough for them and it is your responsibility to provide them with all they cannot get for themselves.

The rally was moderately attended, but as you can see the crowd was not all that dense-don't let them feed you a line about their numbers.

This rally was obviously well organized. T-shirts, busses, and free lunches were provided.

They also brought their pre-printed, mass distributed signs.

The Socialists showed up too! We were so excited we got our pictures taken with them.

Somehow I doubt that is what this gentleman fought for.

But, not to worry.....clearly the only thing the rally was meant to do was create a temporary job for the folks who clean up.......

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