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Friday, October 22, 2010

Union Thugs, coming to your election in November.

A memo leaked to the media this week shows Big Labor plans a blitz to influence the upcoming elections and protect the incumbents that support Card Check. According to the memo 2000 national union staff and 3000 local union personnel will come out to support their candidates.
  • Halting normal "union operations" and sending 2,000 national union staff and 3,000 local union officials into the field to campaign full time from now until election day;
  • Making tens of millions of phone calls attacking pro-Right to Work candidates (23 million already and tens of millions more in the final weeks);
  • Sending 4 million pieces of mail every week smearing candidates who oppose Card Check and other union power grabs.

With some of the election corruption talk already coming out of this election, like military ballots that are not going out and voter fraud in a few states, it's important you not let these thugs keep you from voting!

1 comment:

  1. The "Union Thugs" are NOT the ones doing the voter intimidation stuff, it's the Republicans who are DELIBERATELY tampering with the machines to cheat to win.