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Friday, November 5, 2010

Activist L.A. Superior Court Judge, Peter Espinoza, Says Pedophiles Can Live Near Schools, Parks

The latest in a series of bad rulings, favoring the rights of pedophiles over the rights of children, L.A. Superior Court Judge, Peter Espinoza now says the California residency requirements on sex offenders forces pedophiles to "choose between prison and homelessness." It is his opinion that "Jessica's Law" passed by voters by an overwhelming majority in 2006, places an undue burden on the sex offenders.
"The evidence presented suggests that despite lay belief, a sex offender parolee's residential proximity to a school or park where children regularly gather does not bear on the parolee's likelihood to commit a sexual offense against a child," the judge, who supervises the county’s criminal courts, wrote in his order. He also wrote that an increase in homeless sex offenders—supposedly an outcome of the law—would risk public safety."

It should come as no surprise, this is the same Judge who ruled that Roman Polanski was a victim of judicial misconduct by watching a documentary on cable.
He also ordered a man convicted in the execution-style slaying of a high school classmate be released. Due to the gruesome nature of the crime, the governor overturned the murderer’s parole because it would pose an unreasonable risk of danger to society. Espinoza ordered the release anyway.
Activist Judges must be stopped. The continual over-turning of the will of the people-imposing perfectly legal remedies on offenders through the voting process-cannot continue. The protection of the criminal over the victim cannot continue. We must find a way to rid ourselves of those Judges who want to only bastardize the legal process and manipulate the Constitution to suit the criminal offenders.