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Thursday, November 18, 2010

France comes to America

Protesting over 8% fee hikes at the college and reduced pensions turned violent today when a police officer was smacked around with his own baton. He had to pull his gun to defend himself against the attack.

This is very similar to the protesting going on over in France. In addition, there is very clearly union involvement-look at the pre-printed union protest signs. In France the unions have taken over many cities and are controlling the movements of every individual there. Is that where we are headed?

An exit question for you-I want to know if the young lady complaining around the 2:01 mark is even here legally. You can barely understand her because her accent is so heavy. The fact is California is going bankrupt supporting illegal immigrants who feel entitled to all that America has to offer while contributing nothing and becuase their elected officials have no idea how to run a state effectively. Will they come to the rest of us when they can no longer pay their bills? Well of course they will.