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Friday, November 12, 2010

Michael Steele thinks we don't like him because he's black.....

No, sorry, we don't like you because you are completely ineffectual as a leader, make multiple gaffes, use the office to promote "you" for your own personal gain and left absolutely no surplus for the upcoming Presidential election cycle. And those are just the obvious ones. Mr. Steele is so blind to his failings as a leader, in an interview with Al Sharpton this week Steele insinuated if the GOP didn't reelect him as chairman it would be because the GOP is racist.
But last week, in a radio interview with Rev. Al Sharpton, Steele ratcheted up the rhetoric, appearing to agree with Sharpton that if he is not reelected as RNC chairman, it will be because the GOP is racist, making “the brother take the fall.”

Sharpton said he couldn’t believe Republicans would even think of ditching Steele as RNC chair.

“You’d be the first brother run out after doing a good job. It would be interesting to see them have a historic win, and the brother takes the fall. Usually the brother takes the fall when they lose,” Sharpton said.

“You’re right. Well, you know, that’s going to be remain to be seen,” Steele said. “I get it. There are folks who are not exactly thrilled with my style of leadership. As I said recently, ‘they’ll get used to it.’”

Sharpton, who offered to “come march for you, Brother Steele” to Steele’s laughter (“that’s an interesting idea,” he said) was still incredulous.

“I don’t understand how that [firing Steele] could even be in the air. But it is the Republicans,” Sharpton said.

“Yeah,” Steele replied, laughing.
I have never been a fan of Michael Steele but his inability to identify fundraising opportunities and clearly and firmly articulate actual Republican policy makes him the worst possible choice for the RNC going in to this Presidential election cycle. We do not need a GOP Chairman who thinks abortion is a choice or that the war in Afghanistan is "Obama's war" rather than framing it in true Republican terms. Mr. Steele is a incredibly pathetic leader and has done absolutely nothing to further the standing of the Republican party in the minds of independent voters. We need true leadership who will effectively reach out beyond the echo chamber and begin to help others see the value that the Republicans bring to the table.

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