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Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Patriot Enclave-show notes: 11-18

The Terminal Sexual Assualters are still at it, with the head of the organization, John Pistole,claiming that the new porno scans would have caught the underwear bomber:
Unfortunately this is patently false. First off the underwear bomber didn't originate his flight in the US, he originated in Holland. Second, it is highly in doubt that the scan OR the pat down would have detected powder in this guys underwear.
But Sen. Claire McCaskill is glad she can avoid "love pats" by going through the porno scanner. WTH?

Another ridiculous statement

TSA Administrator John Pistole says boycotts of the machines are "irresponsible."
"On the eve of a major national holiday and less than one year after al-Qaeda's failed attack last Christmas Day, it is irresponsible for a group to suggest travelers opt out of the very screening that may prevent an attack using non-metallic explosives," he says. "This technology is not only safe, it's vital to aviation security and a critical measure to thwart potential terrorist attacks."

Palin says she could beat Obama. I disagree.

(AUDIO)Charlie Rangle convicted on 11 of 13 counts of wrong doing. Will he go to jail? Pft. Be serious.

Defund NPR now!

The Food Safety Act, S510, is a trojan horse to more control.
Just like eliminating plastic bags in L.A.
and eliminating toys in Happy Meals in San Francisco

Unveiled: Constitution for New Socialist North AmericaParty calls for resistance to 'capitalist-imperialist system'

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