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Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Patriot Enclave-show notes: 11-4

ACORN is filing for bankruptcy. That makes me very sad. I guess Andrew Breitbart brought down the ACORN empire.
The ongoing political onslaught caused irreparable harm. This effort was a clear attempt to cast a shadow over the historic 2008 Presidential election, and set up a far right counter offense. Through those attacks we re-tooled and re-organized. Then again came the right-wing media blitz. This time of edited videos that misrepresented our mission, and consequently misled the public. The pressure and cost of defending ourselves in multiple investigations as a result of the falsified videos has eroded our organization. As a result we will be filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy by close of business today.
Wah wah wah...all the way home.

(AUDIO) President Obama on the elections.
As I’ve said before, no person, no party, has a monopoly on wisdom. And that’s why I’m eager to hear good ideas wherever they come from, whoever proposes them.
Really? Isn't this the same guy who said:
You can't have the keys back. You don't know how to drive. You can ride with us if you want, but you got to sit in the backseat. We're going to put middle-class America in the front seat. We're looking out for them

(AUDIO)Crazy Ed Shultz thinks Republicans want to impeach the President. He's a little obsessed with them taking it off the table.

GOP will start their session by targeting ObamaCare.

Black Panthers were back at the poll in Philadelphia and at several polling places in Texas.

(AUDIO)Poor Karl Frisch from Media Matters.....he apparently can't let go of his ideology long enough to grasp reality.

Republican gains at the State level will be a win for redistricting and therefore may help us in 2012

Filed under "Huh?" A poll worker in San Fransisco took off with about 75 ballots and a memory pack that records information off them.

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