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Sunday, December 26, 2010

My date with destiny-revisited and revised.

UPDATE: looks like there is more than one Michelle Moore so you may be asked for my birth date-5/9/1970.

I know it has been a couple of weeks since I have posted here. Most of you come to read my ranting about politics and I appreciate that. We have a lot of fun around here and I have always done my best to be informative and let you, the reader, know what is happening in the world. Some of you know me personally, or feel you do at least. We might interact here, on Twitter or Facebook-in the age of the interconnected web and social media our friends and families have expanded far beyond our neighborhoods or communities.

With that in mind, the majority of you already know I have experienced two major health issues in the last couple of weeks. For those that read here regularly and didn't know.....well now you are in on it too. On December 13, 2010 I was taken in to the emergency room at a local hospital in excruciating pain. After a long drawn out ordeal and exploratory surgery, the doctors determined I had an ovary that had twisted on itself and ultimately died. This was the cause of my pain. However, in the normal course of testing upon admittance it was also discovered my kidney function had severely deteriorated over the last 5 years. Dialysis and transplant were words I had always expected to hear during my lifetime, but I thought it would be at 60 or 70 not 40. Alas, the wait, as they say, is over. With numbers falling somewhere in the 9% function range, there is no more putting off the inevitable-my non-invasive health issue has now become extremely invasive and must be dealt with.

It is my plan then, to return to blogging as usual. There will be politics and Face Punching, but from time-to-time, when it's interesting, I will also share my journey-hopefully resulting in successful kidney transplant-with you. Right now, I don't know exactly what to expect and I would assume that most regular, average, everyday, folks don't either. I have questions and I know you guys will be curious too. I have never been ashamed or particularly secretive of my illness so I'm happy to take you along for the ride. Be warned, just like my opinion on politics, I will surely have opinions about this journey and when the going gets rough or I am unhappy with how it's playing out, things might get ugly around here. Honesty and forthrightness are two qualities I possess, sometimes to the embarrassment of others, but rarely to the embarrassment of myself. There are already things that are happening that are making me unhappy, but, such is the way of things like this I suppose........we'll just have to wait it out, won't we :)

For starters we'll have a few statistics about me-what are we beginning with? Well one major number the Nephrologists look at is your creatinine . My creatinine as of the Monday I was admitted was 7.9. With the aid of re-hydration and drugs that number is now down to 5.8 at the last reading. This number is frowned upon when it goes over 1.1......I get more blood work on Monday.

In addition to this poor number, I am almost completely anemic. I have almost no iron in my system and basically no ability to produce my own. Because of this, I am also making little to no new red blood cells. Doctors don't like that. For this condition, more drugs, one of which is a shot 3 times a week.

Another thing they discovered is the size of my kidney has shrunk about half its size in the last 5 years. The last time it was measured it was around 13, now it is 7. This loss of muscle mass in the kidney is very bad. The bottom line is, my one good kidney is working way to hard and atrophying at the same time.

There were some other tests that didn't bode well for me while I was in the hospital, but it doesn't really add anything to the story to bore you with those numbers too. Let's face it, the fact is, the only thing that matters is my kidneys are crap and I need a new one.

When I woke up on December 13th I was taking no medicine on a daily basis and was feeling pretty good; at the end of that same week, I left the hospital with 12 different prescriptions and feeling as though I had been hit by a truck.

3 of the medicines they prescribed for me were for high blood pressure. When I first went to the Urgent Care my blood pressure was 179/120. Later, in the hospital it was 184/somethingequallyoutrageous. At various times in the days before they took out my ovary it stayed high pretty consistently. The docs convinced themselves I have high blood pressure. I disagree, so at this time I am not taking those prescriptions. Once I have recovered from surgery fully and have no more pain I think that will be a much more accurate reading of my blood pressure. I have never had high blood pressure. In fact it has always been unbelievably low (if you know me, you know why I say that *wink*) running 110/50-60 very reliably. I experienced some very undesirable side effects from those medications and I really hope to avoid taking them. For one the dry mouth was so bad I couldn't sleep because I would wake up choking. Not pleasant.

I am taking 4 medications several times a day that are supposed to improve my kidney function. I won't know for sure until Wednesday if they are doing their job. I will tell you the side effects of these are also quite unpleasant but I just don't feel I can stop taking them in good conscience at this time. Something I am taking is causing me severe gastrointestinal distress and making me feel nauseous most of the time. They better be working, that's all I can say.

I return to the doctor on Wednesday to get results of the upcoming blood work and find out what the next step is in this journey. I know I will get instruction on diet. I will sit with a nurse who will go over the two types of dialysis with me and I will choose which one I want. I will find out how often I have to see the doctor and how long I have until I start dialysis-which at this time I believe to be basically only the amount of time it takes to prepare me for it. I will also get all the info I need about transplant. It would be great if I could avoid dialysis and go straight for the transplant, but I don't know if that will be possible. I know the first and most major criteria for going on the transplant list (besides all the testing) is function consistently under 20%......I would say I have that beat by a mile. Other than that I don't know much.........

I have only questions right now. I'm facing my mortality in a striking, god-smack kind of way. I didn't know I was this sick and I scares me to think how different this story might have been had I not had ovary troubles-I am exhibiting no other symptoms of kidney failure. Would I have gone on like this until it was too late? Has my body learned to adjust so well to its short-comings it would have let me go into total failure with no warning? What does my future hold and what will it look like? It is hard for those around me who haven't had to face an issue like this to relate to all the emotions I am going through right now. I am exhausted, yet hard pressed to waste one more minute of my life. I am happy to know about my deterioration and that the doctors are taking steps to protect me, yet so angry to be in this situation. I want to live, but I am pissed that I have to deal with this.

I am quite a bag of tricks right now I am sure.

So there you go faithful reader. This is where we are now and you can go along for the ride if you wish....wherever that may be.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Napolitano gives 84 Million travelers from Mexico a pass, still using porno scanners on Americans.

Would you like to travel within the United States without being sexually molested or having to pass through a porno scanner? Well I have a solution for you-become a Mexican citizen, then apply for the "Trusted Traveler" program recently signed into law by our very own Janet Napolitano. According to the agreement, approved Mexicans can apply online, provide valid ID and answer a few questions from a Customs and Border Protection officer. That's it! With that, they are issued a machine scannable card that will process them as good to go, give them directions to baggage claim and viola! off to the great United States. It's good to know Aunt Janet considers making Mexicans feel at home and welcome in America a top priority.

It's ridiculous moves like this that make the American people believe our government has no idea what they are doing. While we are subject to invasive, 4th Amendment violating screenings, people from other countries can cross our boarders without a second look. People coming from countries already in disarray and consumed with violence.
As violent drug cartels take over Mexico and expand their criminal enterprises north, the United States has signed a “trusted traveler” agreement that allows pre-screened Mexican airline passengers to bypass lengthy airport security checkpoints.

The foreigners will get “trusted traveler cards” with fingerprints and other biometric data and they must answer customs declarations questions on touch-screen kiosks before leaving airport inspection areas. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano claims it’s a way to enhance information sharing and mutual security in the face of “ever-evolving, multinational threats.”

About84 million Mexicans are expected to qualify for the trusted traveler program, according to Mexico’s Interior Ministry Secretary, who signed the agreement on behalf of his country this week. Celebrating the festive occasion, the Mexican government official assured that the new accord will facilitate the U.S. entry of business travelers and tourists who are key factors in economic development, growth of trade and cultural exchange.
So while you are shamed, they waltz right through security, laughing all the way.

One final point-while Janet was in Mexico she also sign a “letter of intent” to develop a plan for protecting illegal immigrants from criminal attacks as they cross the border. That's awesome Janet-are you also going to protect the Border Patrol Agents who are slaughtered on the border trying to protect American citizens?

Great Moments in Unintended Consequences

(H/T Fox Nation)

Extending the current tax rates will cost me a frillion-billion dollars.

Like the government-and apparently every Democrat alive-I will just make things up and they will be true.........

Amid all the talk about extending the current tax rates I am repeatedly reminded that our federal government cannot grasp the fact that my earnings are not theirs to take at my expense. In article after article (or newscast) we are barraged with the sentiment that somehow extending the current rates will "cost" the government some astronomical amount of money.

Unfortunately, if it was never yours, there is no cost. When my friend Sally didn't give me $100 dollars she didn't owe me, it didn't "cost" me $100. No this is just the entitlement mentality of our government run amok.

Senator Claire McCaskill said last week that folks should "take up pitchforks" against Republicans who wanted to "give" millionaires more money.

Rep Anthony Weiner (D-NY) told Megyn Kelly that estate tax was indeed "not" a double tax because you wouldn't be paying anything-you would be dead.

Rep. Gary Ackerman (D-N.Y.) said Wednesday on the Dylan Ratigan Show, while discussing extending the current tax rates that this was the Republican "Wet Dream Act."

If the government would learn to live within it's means and stop counting on revenue that is not theirs we would be able to stop having this discussion. Rather than making an enemy out of the job creators and perpetuating class war-fare these folks should be concentrating on cutting costs and making a budget that is within the revenue they currently get. It is a pathetic distraction from the true problems of this Administration-too much government and too much spending.

Repeat after me:
-The government cannot create money.
-The government cannot create jobs.
-When you steal less from me it is not you "giving" me anything.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Broadcasting LIVE now: The Patriot Enclave with Michelle Moore

The Patriot Enclave-show notes: 12-9

(AUDIO) Veronique de Rugy says the deficit commission didn't address out real problems and their goals are unrealistic.
-Medicare/Medicaid will rise to 50% of spending
-Deficit commission recommended increasing spending by 1.6T rather than cutting spending all together. So they are slowing the growth of spending rather than eliminating spending.
-Attaining tax revenue of 21% of GDP but this has NEVER been achieved and sustained.

The McVictim Syndrome could kill us. Well said!

DREAM Act passes out of the House last night and now goes to the Senate.

The House also approved a $1.09T budget bill for 2011

(AUDIO) The Libs are all angry that Obama gave in on keeping the tax code the same.....


AIG is starting to pay back all that money we gave them. Only a eleventy-trillion more and we will be even.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Face Punch Wednesday

Claire McCaskill-While speaking at a press conference Claire encouraged folks to take up pitchforks against Republicans if they didn't allow the middle-class tax rates to stay the same, while raising them on the "rich". She also made the common Democrat mistake of laying claim to money that is not hers and saying the government was somehow "giving" the rich more money. No Claire, sorry, what you're doing when you don't raise the tax rate is no longer stealing from the people that which is not yours. For not understanding the difference between what is your and what is not 7 punches

Bertha Lewis-Bertha seems to think Fox is corrupt and should be investigated. She also thinks folks should be called out for what they are......I'm sure she means like corrupt organizations which campaign for one party only, registers the likes of Mickey Mouse and Daffy Duck to vote and would hire and promote folks that can advise you on how to run your under-age, illegal immigrant brothel. Yeah, folks like that. For hypocrisy to the highest power 10 punches

Al Sharpton-Al really just wants Rush Limbaugh to go away. He was successful in stopping Rush from becoming a part owner in an NFL team by accusing him of false racism which now makes him feel empowered to say Rush should be taken off the air and he is just the guy to do it. Crazy Al Sharpton appeared on Crazy Ed Schultz's show, spouting off about how the "FCC has the responsibility to set standards to say the public cannot be offended based on their race or gender in this country, and you federally regulated air waves that they give licenses to that are very competitive and the FCC is very selective based on standards."In other words he wants Limbaugh to shut it and he thinks the FCC should make it happen. For offending me every time you open your mouth and being the MOST racist person I have ever heard open their mouth 10 punches

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

How much does it cost to dole out $7.2 Billion in Stimulus?

Apparently $20 million-or at least that's how much the Commerce Department's National Telecommunications and Information Administration will receive to over-see the spending of $7.2 billion in stimulus funds. The NTIA and the Agriculture Department's Rural Utilities Service split these funds in an effort to get broadband access in underserved and unserved areas of the country. Of course rather than pay the Administrative costs out of the money they already received, it makes way more sense to just give them more.
The National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners wrote congressional leaders last month urging them to appropriate funding for oversight of the broadband grants. The extra money is necessary, the group said, to "ensure that projects are completed and implemented on time, on budget and deliver the promised economic and social benefits."
Case in point that our government just doesn't get it. None of them do.

Claire McCaskill doesn't understand whose money it is-@clairecmc

Apparently Claire McCaskill is under the mistaken impression that the money YOU earn is hers to take from you and give to whomever she sees fit. If you don't, well expect a pitchfork.

Sorry Claire, but the government NOR Republicans are giving anybody anything. Please try again.

Exit question: Will Olebermann or Maddow discuss this awful, violent, rhetoric coming from the left on their shows tonight?

Hypocrite Alert: Bertha Lewis calls Fox News Corrupt

Well now she's gone and lost her ever lovin' mind hasn't she. Yes Bertha, we should definitely call out organizations for what they really are. Sweet irony at it's finest.

In addition, she doesn't seem to know the difference between cable and public airwaves.

How much Unemployment is too much?

With the announcement yesterday that the Administration had reached a compromise deal to extend the current tax rate in exchange for also extending unemployment benefits for another 13 months, we must start asking-how much is too much? How long are we to continue to subsidize unemployment?

It might behoove you to know, Ben Bernanke thinks unemployment will not fall to 5-6% for another 4-5 years.

Is that how long we will pay for the unemployed?

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tom Daschle wants old people to take the blue pill too

In this radio interview Tom Daschle reveals what we have been saying all along is the Dems attitude about healthcare for the elderly. There's nothing new here, but if you want to here it in his own words, go to around the 2:35 mark.

No, no, hospice isn't where people go to die silly........

Friday, December 3, 2010

The FCC schedules meeting to assert it's pretend power over the Internet

While the FCC has no actual regulatory power over the Internet, that is not stopping them from scheduling a meeting to give themselves regulatory power over the Internet. It was recently announced by FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski, the December 21st meeting of the FCC will include a vote on Net Neutrality. Even though the FCC was told by the courts they do not have the power to regulate the Internet and the FCC themselves said in 2002 they had no power to regulate the Internet, it looks like business killing regulation is exactly what they are hell-bent on implementing.

Chairman Genachowski has ditched plans to reclassify the Internet under Title II, the same regulations that apply to telephony, but will pursue plans to control how companies manage their networks and users experiences. The FCC is making this power grab under the directive issued by Congress to "report to Congress each year whether broadband service is being deployed to all Americans in a reasonable and timely manner, and if not, to take steps to make it so." Using this so-called Section 706 authority is certainly a stretch to say the least. According the the New York Times, an official with the FCC says it goes something like this:
In July, after the commission issued its National Broadband Plan, it cited that report’s finding that roughly 14 million Americans do not have broadband Internet service as evidence that broadband is not being adequately deployed.

Therefore, the official said, it is within the F.C.C.’s power to take steps that will promote the spread of broadband. Putting so-called net neutrality rules in place would help ensure that content providers can reach Internet users, which will increase the output of Internet companies, thereby increasing demand for Internet services and increasing deployment of broadband service.
Unfortunately for Mr. Genachowski there is not now, nor has there ever been, a lack of demand for Internet Services or the deployment of additional backbone. The Internet has thrived all these years without stifling regulation from the FCC and there is no indication this demand is slowing. In the FCC case Comcast vs. BitTorrent, which is when a lot of this Net Neutrality talk was revived, the issue was never a lack of demand. Of course none of the proposed regulations would do much to increase demand either. Requiring companies to justify how and why they manage their networks the way they do and requiring them to meet government imposed content management standards doesn't do anything to inspire further investment or deployment. Providers need little incentive to make more money and get more customers beyond the lure of the almighty dollar. The Internet has reached the greatness that it is currently without government dillying. To imply these far reaching, questionable regulations will increase demand, and then deployment, is laughable.

The truth is anytime content has been censored or users experiences have been degraded unfairly, providers have been tried and punished under existing law. When the offense hasn't required legal intervention, they have been ripped to shreds in the court of public opinion. Pretending we need the FCC to give us freedom of speech and open access to information is disingenuous.

Letting providers manage their networks, within existing law, to provide a good user experience for all is good business. Allowing start-ups to benefit from the doors opened to them by revenue generated at ISP's from bandwidth behemoths like Google is good business. If you want to drive further investment by providers and additional deployment of backbone, you don't do it by squeezing business and calling it "fairness".

To proclaim that the only way to preserve the "free and open Internet" is to let the government manipulate content and regulate providers to death is preposterous and wrong. This is the logic of the folks who made announcement at midnight, that they would take a vote on an issue that isn't theirs the vote on, during a lameduck legislative session, on a document that is closed to public comment. Irony anyone?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Broadcasting LIVE now: The Patriot Enclave with Michelle Moore

The Patriot Enclave-show notes: 12-2

(AUDIO) The Nightmare Act.......Uh I mean DREAM Act is back on the table. YAY amnesty for everyone!!!

But Senator Jeff Sessions gets it right.

(AUDIO) That virtual fence on the border? The $850 million you spent to get it built? All a complete waste of time and resources. AND, surprise surprise, the government has extended the contract thru 112/18 and I would expect they will continue this boondoggle.

(AUDIO) Mitch McConnell grows a pair. Senate Republicans refuse to move forward on any voting or issues until the government has a budget and the tax cuts are hammered out.
McConnell Ups the Ante

Did you notice gas shot up .20 in the last 24 hours? Did you wonder why? Well, even if this Administration can't get a clue, I can give you one:

Oh, don't forget we all need to get fired from our jobs and start collecting unemployment benefits for almost two years. It's the biggest stimulator to the economy there is.........oh brother.
Example comment:
The jobs that are out there are paying barely minimum wage and they are not enough to pay the mortgage and health insurance, not to mention utilities, food, prescriptions, etc. My unemployment is only half of what I was making before I got laid off and I am barely surviving on that. Taking a minimum wage job will make me lose my home that I've had for 37 years and I'll won't be able to pay for my health care. Employers think they can get employees for a lower wage now because so many people need jobs but they are not helping by what they are offering to pay.
Porno-scanners and sexual assault is a violation of your 4th amendment rights.

We interview FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell LIVE on air about the announcement that the yesterday FCC will look at voting themselves police of the Internet.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Face Punch Wednesday

Bradley Manning: Bradley Manning is the man suspected of downloading the US embassy files and then giving them to WikiLeaks. In a conversation on a hacking chat site he seemed to feel it was his duty to expose this information to the American public in the interest of transparency. Really. Well how about in the interest of satisfaction we beat you on live T.V.-that would also be a transparent display of your punishment. For not having a single shred of American pride or decency 10 punches.

Joe Scarborough: Let me start out by saying anyone who wants to compare ANY resume to Obama's and somehow claim his resume and experience qualified him to be President should expect to be punched-it's just a ridiculous compassion. Today Joe encouraged Palin's Republicans detractors to stand up and voice their opposition to her presidential run. He went on to question her intelligence and later asked "What man or mouse with a fully functioning human brain and a resume as thin as Palin's would flirt with a presidential run?" Which begs the question -What is Obama then? A human without a fully functioning brain or a mouse? When taking into consideration his ability to deal with enemies and our economy, Obama is clearly both. Because you are a mouse without a fully functioning brain 8 punches

Laura Richardson
: Laura Richardson (D), recently acting as Speaker of the House, decided that abuse of power was way cooler than playing by the rules. When Rep. Steve Buyer wanted to object to a bill being brought to the floor for a vote when the Chairman was not present, the Speaker Pro Tem insisted several times it was at her discretion whether he would be heard.....even though the floor was nearly deserted and NO ONE but her was objecting to giving him one minute to speak. Rep. Buyer pointed out acts such as this (abusing power) was exactly why the American people had voted her out-and good for him! For failing to see her own ignorance and arrogance 6 punches

A montage of TSA abuses

Horrifying to say the least. The TSA must be stopped.

(H/T Gather.com)