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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Claire McCaskill doesn't understand whose money it is-@clairecmc

Apparently Claire McCaskill is under the mistaken impression that the money YOU earn is hers to take from you and give to whomever she sees fit. If you don't, well expect a pitchfork.

Sorry Claire, but the government NOR Republicans are giving anybody anything. Please try again.

Exit question: Will Olebermann or Maddow discuss this awful, violent, rhetoric coming from the left on their shows tonight?


  1. If her IQ goes up to room temp she should sell. That would be a new market high for her.

  2. I'm sure the "violent eliminationist rhetoric" of Democrat pols like this is exactly what Big Sis was talking about when she said "domestic terrorism" was the biggest threat America faced to its security. Don't you think?...Right?......Uh, hello?

  3. It's become evident that the left is itching for violence to be done. They're doing everything in their power to encourage it, by stirring up class envy and such. All so they can screw down the final clamps upon us.

    It doesn't make me feel better that this year's military exercise has to do with how to deal with civil unrest within our borders... which, btw, is a violation of our laws. But what's that to democrats?

  4. What an ignorant cooze......
    (Not to mention the twits who voted for her....)

  5. It is agreed that "the end of all government is the good and ease of the people, in a secure enjoyment of their rights without oppression;" but it must be remembered that the rich are people as well as the poor; that they have rights as well as others; that they have as clear and as sacred a right to their large property as others have to theirs which is smaller; that oppression of them is as possible and as wicked as to others. - John Adams

  6. Noticing your bi-line at the top, if you (or your readers) want an ATLAS SHRUGGED cling / window sticker, send me an email atlasshruggedonmywindow@gmail.com no charge, no nothing. I just do this on my own for my own selfish reasons.

  7. I have been unsuccessfully pushing in many corners for over a year for we the people to go to DC, as the TN people did in the 1999 Tax Revolt, and peacefully get directly in our congresspersons' face in the people's House. MLK finally succeeded in his efforts when he went to peaceful pro-active actions against those who opposed his movement for all Americans to have the same civil rights. I say we, the people, go to DC to show we want to restore all Americans economic rights and freedoms.

  8. Just ask her a simple question,

    "So, if the government didn't exist, are you saying that 'millionaires' would have less money?"

    She must be saying that if she thinks the government is going about "giving" millionaires money.

  9. Claire, you ignorant nit, you aren't "giving" anybody anything except for the American people a lot of Bovine Scatalogy (aka BS). What the Conservatives are proposing is to keep some amount out of the hands of government and in the hands of people who have proven an ability to earn more, and thus have a far better chance of stimulating economic growth and creating jobs than any Congresscritter ever could. Go sell that hoakum in St. Louis because by last election results they are the only ones buying it. Q: How is the economic prosperity for the average St. Louis citizen working out? A: It's in the toilet.