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Saturday, January 29, 2011

WTF offends Matthews, but Teabagger and STFU are A-OK

For today in hypocrisy, let's check the tape:

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Broadcasting LIVE now: The Patriot Enclave with Michelle Moore

The Patriot Enclave-show notes: 1-26

(AUDIO) Ugh, State of the Union because we have to......

(AUDIO) Let's put to rest this idiotic criticism of Rep. Michele Bachmann
(AUDIO) Rachel Maddow is all mad CNN aired Rep. Bachmann's Tea Party speech. Seriously lady, get a life.

Investors Business Daily has a great series entitled "American Freedom and Prosperity Under Attack"
Part one: Freedom of speech
Part two: Government take-over of retirement accounts
Part three: Regulations
Part four: The loss of faith in government
I'm reading it.....you should too.

They want to ban texting and walking........ugh, seriously when does the government intrusion into our lives stop.

(AUDIO) They are getting rid of the pretty terror alert colors and going to a National Terror Alert System

The Chief Medicare Actuary likes Rep. Paul Ryan's Roadmap plan to reform entitlements would drive down health-care costs than President Obama’s recently passed overhaul.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kideny Update: If you feel bad, go to the hospital.

This sentence has become the the thorn in my side the last few weeks. I have heard it so many times I might smack the person who says it to me next. What really bothers me about it is that I don't feel bad (and what exactly is the definition of bad? I don't feel good, but is that bad?)-that's the problem. I haven't felt bad since my kidneys started failing. I didn't even know they were failing and now I have 7% kidney function. Do you suppose I will feel bad at 5%? 3%? 0%? What exactly will it take before I feel bad? What is bad? How low can it go before its a death sentence? Ugh. All the unanswered questions certainly annoy.........

As of the last time I updated, I was waiting for my meeting with the dialysis nurse (which I had a week or so ago) and then another appointment with the doc (which was canceled due to bad weather) where I would inform her of the type of dialysis I was going to choose and the referral for placement of the access would be made. Because of some serious snow in my area, the doctor appointment didn't happen :(

Regardless, I have decided on my dialysis option. I am going to go with peritoneal dialysis. This is a lessor know type of dialysis; it can be done by me or a machine, in my home, every night. It also allows me more freedom for traveling because it can also be done manually. This type of dialysis also preserves what little kidney function I still have. I am of the opinion this will help me feel better during the day-when I am not doing dialysis-due to the continued elimination of toxins thru peeing. People who go on hemo-dialysis tend to loose this and I would guess this is part of why they still have issues with being tired-that and they are only getting their toxins out 3 days a week. There is a form of home hemo that patients can do these days, but for now, since I can't be sure when I will get my transplant, I want to save my veins. If I would be on dialysis for many years I may need to switch at a later date. Plus the "no needles" option appeals to me.

Another reason I like the PD is because I can go back to a much less restrictive diet......or more restrictive in the sense that I can go back to eating healthy. The strangest part of this kidney failure thing so far has been the diet. After my last round of blood work my doc determined I had to get on a low phosphorus, low potassium diet. The main problem with this is all healthy foods have way too much potassium and phosphorus in it........ugh, so I have been eating white bread, white rice, snack cakes and all this other highly processed crap that is making me mad to eat. I can eat very little that is good for me and I have to even watch my protein intake. I will be glad to get back to my almonds, wheat bread, sweet potatoes and MEAT.

I'm not excited that I will have about 6 inches of tube hanging out of me all the time (super sexy I'm sure) or that I will be full of water all day. In the end these seem like a small price to pay for the many advantages.

My attitude is deteriorating slightly I know. I feel like I am under constant stress these days. I'm afraid my potassium will shoot up and my heart will stop beating. (Yes, this could happen and I worry about it almost constantly.) The financial woes are stressing me out. The kids are stressing me out. Clients are stressing me out. I feel like I have very little respite from feeling under the gun. I know we all go often through life feeling like that, but when you couple it with the constant threat of death and the unknown time-line for all these things that are suppose to happen...........well it's just no fricken wonder my blood pressure is 200/200.

Finally, I am actually starting to feel somewhat bad on a pretty consistent basis. I try to not pay much attention to it, but I know how I feel when I feel good and this isn't it. I'm not miserable; I'm not that sick yet, but I don't feel good. I'm tired all the time-no matter how much I sleep. My right kidney has started to get shooting pains in it from time to time. I've had that off and on my whole life, but now it is happening with some regularity. I am also having something that reminds me of a panic attack, only it is happening at times when I am not panicking. I think it must be my blood pressure spiking or something but my heart races, I get short of breath, then I feel bad, kind of dizzy. It seems to only last a little while-maybe 15 or 20 minutes, but it is very unpleasant to be sleeping peacefully away and be woken up by one of these attacks. I don't like it. Also, my head hurts most of the time and I often feel slightly sick to my stomach. All this sounds like big fun doesn't it!!

So that's the update. I go to the doctor tomorrow. I should be getting my referral to get the dialysis port put in next week. That will mean I can start dialysis in three or four weeks after that. I hope that is soon enough. Surely the doctor knows what she is doing :)

LameStream pissed CNN aired Bachmann’s peech

Greg Sargent over at "The Washington Post" seems to think CNN needs to "justify" allowing Rep. Michele Bachmann to deliver her speech live, on-air last night. It's making him all cranky they would air a speech by someone he so obviously feels is unqualified because....um, Tea Party or something.

CNN, which is taking some criticism from both sides for agreeing to air Michele Bachmann's response to Obama's speech tonight, sends over a statement justifying the move:

"The Tea Party has become a major force in American politics and within the Republican Party. Hearing the Tea Party's perspective on the State of the Union is something we believe CNN's viewers will be interested in hearing and we are happy to include this perspective as one of many in tonight's coverage."

Hmmm...I was going to suggest that maybe CNN's decision to air her speech just might be driven by a desire to curry favor with the Tea Party. This statement doesn't do much to suggest otherwise.

The Tea Party is now one of two major opposition parties in our three-party system. Who knew?

Who knew? Errrr, I'm going to go with ALL OF AMERICA.......

This just highlights how upset the lamestream is that they cannot make Tea Party go away. They have spent the entire past two and a half years pretending like we don't exist, yet everytime they turn around, there we are. Because Greg doesn't acknowledge Tea Party, Rep. Bachmann has no right to speak on CNN. Interesting.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Where Eric Cantor's office responds personally to my Tweet!

I thank Kevin McCarthy and Eric Cantor for taking the time to respond to my tweet. It is very important that all our lawmakers take seriously the business of cutting our debt and returning this country to a place where making money is not a crime and profit doesn't cause the government to come in and take all you have to give to someone else. I hope Mr. Cantor and others in the House will continue to make cuts and look out for the American people.

Thank you for the personal response to my tweet!

Monday, January 24, 2011

NYT annoyed Glenn Beck tells the truth about Frances Fox Piven.

The New York Times really wishes Glenn Beck would stop spreading the truth about Frances Fox Piven. He has pointed out several times in the last few weeks how Ms. Piven continues to call for violence and revolt amongst the masses in order to effect change in the U.S. for the poorer classes. Just in the last few months she has called for violence and uprising similar to what is happening in Greece.
"an effective movement of the unemployed will have to look something like the strikes and riots that have spread across Greece," and that "protesters need targets, preferably local and accessible ones"
Instead of reporting truthfully on this, the Times has decided Beck is the bad guy. They paint her as a 78-year old liberal activist-turned-professor-incapable-of-hurting-a-fly lady who is deserving of none of this criticism.

Frances Fox Piven, a City University of New York professor, has been a primary character in Mr. Beck’s warnings about a progressive take-down of America. Ms. Piven, Mr. Beck says, is responsible for a plan to “intentionally collapse our economic system.”

Her name has become a kind of shorthand for “enemy” on Mr. Beck’s Fox News Channel program, which is watched by more than 2 million people, and on one of his Web sites, The Blaze. This week, Mr. Beck suggested on television that she was an enemy of the Constitution.

Never mind that Ms. Piven’s radical plan to help poor people was published 45 years ago, when Mr. Beck was a toddler.

Unfortunately for the Times, we have her calling for Greece and France like revolts just last month. Her entire activist career is based on calling for violence and overwhelming the system by the masses as a way to more or less 'get what's yours'. Right after the election of President Obama in 2008 she wrote article for The Nation entitled "Obama Needs a Protest Movement":
"Sometimes, encouraged by electoral shifts and campaign promises, the ordinary people who are typically given short shrift in political calculation become volatile and unruly, impatient with the same old promises and ruses, and they refuse to cooperate in the institutional routines that depend on their cooperation. When that happens, their issues acquire a white-hot urgency, and politicians have to respond, because they are politicians. In other words, the disorder, stoppages and institutional breakdowns generated by this sort of collective action threaten politicians. These periods of mass defiance are unnerving, and many authoritative voices are even now pointing to the dangers of pushing the Obama administration too hard and too far. Yet these are also the moments when ordinary people enter into the political life of the country and authentic bottom-up reform becomes possible."
While not calling for violence, these are certainly not words of someone looking to affect change through sweetness and light. This is a woman who feels like she knows how to manipulate and control the system.

As proof that Piven isn't obscure or unknown, you need only refer to the New York welfare rolls in 1975, which swelled to such a size that New York had to file bankruptcy to recover. Since then the followers of Cloward and Piven have gone to work on voter registration through groups like ACORN, Project Vote and Human SERVE-abusing the MotorVoter Laws they helped enact.
"....swamping the voter rolls with "dead wood" -- invalid registrations signed in the name of deceased, ineligible or non-existent people -- thus opening the door to the unprecedented levels of voter fraud and "voter disenfranchisement" claims that followed in subsequent elections."
Using these tactics, Cloward and Piven once again saw the fruits of their work realized in the Coleman-Franken stolen election in Minnesota. Using Soros money to buy the election of the Secretary of State in 2006 and ACORN to abuse the voter registration process, they got their filibuster-proof, 60-seat Senate majority for a while.

To classify Fox Piven as someone who is old and past her prime would be to ignore someone who has great influence over the far left and radical ideas of how we should exact change in the current political environment. She is decidedly not a sweet little lady to be ignored.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Broadcasting LIVE now: The Patriot Enclave with Michelle Moore

The Patriot Enclave-show notes: 1-20

China and the U.S. are having the first State visit since April of 2006. During the opening remarks President Obama said "History shows societies are more harmonious, nations are more successful, the world is more just, when the rights and responsibilities of all nations and all people are upheld, including the universal rights of every human being." Later at a joint press conference President Hu was asked about conditions the Chinese people live under, he didn't answer the question. Later he answered the question, but claimed he didn't know the first question had been for him. Do you believe it?
I can't help but wonder if Obama is going to grow a pair and push the trade deficit issue-which topped a record $268 billion in 2008.

All in the name of civil debate and respectful discourse:
(AUDIO) The House passes the Health Control repeal bill; the vote was 245 to 189. In the spirit of the new tone Rep. Cohen likens the GOP to Nazis.
(AUDIO) And Democratic Calif. Congressman John Garamendi says repeal will kill Americans.
(AUDIO) Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas), in a speech on the House floor about the rhetoric surrounding Republicans' bill to undo the new reform law, said repeal would result in more deaths in the U.S.

Lieberman is retiring in 2012. Am I supposed to be sad about that?

(AUDIO) Interesting that when "News Nation" host Tameron Hall wanted to frame the discussion about U.S. commerce with China she chose to start out by slamming American business.
Hall echoed Ratigan's sentiments and then took them a step further, musing that "some say" the meeting is an opportunity for Obama to "reach out" to businesses that "in some ways demonized this administration, saying that it's 'anti-business'."

"There's a huge profit engine" in companies doing much of their manufacturing in China, Ratigan opined. To re-balance America's trade relationship with China, he added, would induce some conflict with major American companies.

(AUDIO) Michael Moore says we own guns 'cause we're just a bunch of racists, afraid of the black man.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

More: Unions crash bankers meeting to protest home builder.

In another class act, about 200 union members from the Sheet Metal Workers' International Association and the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades invaded a mortgage bankers meeting at the JW Marriott to protest home builder Pulte. The union workers are upset that the $900 million dollars Pulte received in tax breaks hasn't resulted in any jobs for them.

Shouting "Where are the jobs?" and "Where is the money?" the protesters from the Sheet Metal Workers' International Association and the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, many in overalls and helmets, said taxpayers have provided $900 million in tax breaks to Pulte with the aim of creating jobs. They said they haven't seen the results they were promised.

"Those tax breaks were supposed to create jobs," Wayne Peworchik, one of the protesters, said. "That was President Obama's and Congress's intent."

"Instead, Pulte laid off workers," Peworchik said.
This incident only serves to highlight, when the government picks winners and losers, everyone ends up losing. Unfortunately, while I can site a zillion reasons why the government shouldn't be getting involved in private business, in most cases, once they've gotten the dollars, they can do whatever they want with them.

In addition, if these folks are upset there are no jobs for them, they are protesting the wrong meeting. They need to protest this entire Administration and their job killing, economy draining policies. There is little doubt if there was demand for housing, Pulte would be building housing. No matter how much money they throw at the problem, until there is correction-then demand-it is wasted money.

Face Punch Wednesday

Keith Olbermann: Now why am I not surprised to see Keith appear here at the start of he New Year???? This week Keith is spewing more violent, divisive, rhetoric against the right, by completely misconstruing the results of a Daily Kos/Public Policy Polling survey. On Monday nights "Countdown" Mr. ImReallyADoeberman said "A new poll taken after the shooting showing only a handful of Americans, 5 percent or 6 percent, calling violence against the current U.S. government justified, but 13 percent of the Tea Party says it is." That's a true statement, but would you like to know who had the highest positive response to this question? It was 17 percent, from folks aged 18-29. In addition, if you combine Hispanics, who polled at nine percent, and the 14 percent for "Other" under race, non-white/non-black Americans see violence against the government as being far more acceptable than the entire nation. Interesting that Keith interpreted all these numbers to mean that Tea Party is all about violence against the government. Finally, I just have to wonder how many people answered this poll in a way to specifically make Tea Party look bad? I mean seriously, in the last two and a half years I have been to more than 50 different events in multiple locations and not one time has there been one credible call of violence against the government. For falling to see the true threat and once again maligning millions of good, honest, hard working Americans-7 punches.

Harry Reid: House Republicans are set to vote on the repeal of the heath control travesty, passed against the will of the American people last year-in the Senate it may be a different story though. Harry Red has has he will not even bring the bill to the floor for a vote. I wonder if Harry will remember what a tiny little prick he was when Boehner refuses to bring a Senate bill to a vote later on. For ignoring the will of the people AGAIN 10 punches.

Ron Reagan Jr.: In the liberal commentator's new book, he says it's fact that his father had Alheizmer's while still in office. He vividly describes seeing signs of "something beyond mellowing" affecting President Reagan as early as three years into his first term: "My heart sank as he floundered his way through his responses. He looked tired and bewildered," I'm curious....even if this were true, does Reagan Jr. think there is any chance that just being President "might make one tired and bewildered" from time to time? For being an embarassment to your father first and now your mother 25 punches

Michael Moore is a racist.

Watch as Michael Moore digs a very deep hole for himself. I don't know about you, but I have never once thought of a bad man as black. The thought never crossed my mind. In fact, if you ask me to picture someone who would cause me to buy a gun, it isn't a black man, but a scruffy looking white dude, with a crazed look in his eye......kind of like how Michael Moore looks.

Too bad Mr. Moore has shown his true colors with this little interview. Why does he think all criminals are black people?

Rep. Joe Baca (D-CA) & the PROUD Act-more illegal immigration amnesty

The People Resolved to Obtain Understanding of Democracy (PROUD) Act was introduced last Congress as part of a larger immigration bill. While Rep. Baca did receive some support for his bill then, it never made it out of committee; I would expect the same thing will happen this time around too, but it still merits watching.

The PROUD Act would grant amnesty to illegal boarder invaders who were brought to this country by their parents and have broken the law through no fault of their own. Haven't we heard this argument before??? There are specific criteria that must be met and applicants must be in “good moral standing within the community.” No matter how you slice it, it is still tromping on those who follow the law to live in this country and it is still by-passing the rules we already have to get here.
Under his measure, illegal immigrants who complete grades 6 through 12 in a U.S. school can forgo the current naturalization exam to obtain citizenship. They must provide proof of “essential civic knowledge” and be in “good moral standing within the community.” This will motivate all students to “do their best and stay out of trouble,” Baca assures. It will also put our most responsible and successful immigrant students on a “streamlined path for citizenship.” After all, the congressman reminds us that America is the land of opportunity and we are blessed to live in a nation where people of diverse backgrounds can come together as one. His legislation will increase the number of high-skilled, citizen workers which will boost economic recovery by creating additional tax revenue. How can you beat that?
Why do we need yet another path to citizenship in this country? We already have a path and if one follows the law, one can become a citizen. We do not need new rules, more lax rules, in order to give folks amnesty.

Tell Rep. Joe Baca we don't need a path to mass amnesty and we already have a path to citizenship.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Frances Fox-Piven talks Tea Party

Frances Fox-Piven gives a very informative viewpoint about Tea Party.

Unfortunately, she doesn't seem to be at all informed or qualified to speak about Tea Party. She is clearly trying to mislead whatever group she is talking to, still promoting the myth Tea Party are all white, racists, well-to-do, homophobes who don't have anything to say except "I am angry."

Mrs. Fox-Piven gives all the same misinformation we continually hear from the left on the subject of Tea Party. They must discredit you and promote the idea that we are all stupid rubes, who are backward looking. She also leans heavily on the premise that we are all afraid of the big black man in the White House.

It is tired drivel we have heard before.....lady I will say the same thing to you I say to every hate-mailer in the block......

"Sweetie, I have been called far worse, by far better than you"

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Where Roseanne Barr thinks her opinion is relevant.

In a debate with Ted Nugent on Anderson Cooper 360 Roseanne Barr called Palin supporters "the dumbest people on Earth". She also claimed we are all stooges on the government dole, annoyed that others want on the government dole. Finally, Barr said that Nugent and all spokes-people for the Tea Party movement are paid hacks, whose opinions are owned by the Koch brothers........interesting coming from a Soros lover.
TED NUGENT: Who said you can pay people not to work and not be productive? If you’re not productive, you get no money. How’s that sound?

ROSEANNE BARR: That sounds like you’re blaming the victim. Sounds like you’re blaming the poor people.

NUGENT: Victim?

BARR: Yes.

NUGENT: What, victims of sleeping in?

BARR: Yeah, I think you’re blaming the victim. I think it’s just a big fat con, and you work for the richest guys in the world. All you Tea Party spokespeople, you work for the Koch brothers and they’re like billionaires.

The sparring soon continued:

BARR: No, but you’re working for the wrong people, brother.

NUGENT: I work for myself. I work for myself, and all my buddies work for themselves. They work and they expect to have something left and not give it to people who didn’t
With this latest round of sparring, Barr just confirms her lack of intelligence about.......well everything. It is clear she has no clue what Tea Party stands for, what our principles are about and where we stand on the "victims" of the evil rich people.

What Ms. Barr and everyone like her fails to see is Tea Party, at the core, only wants accountability. While she would have you believe it is the fault of the rich that one is poor, Tea Party would have you believe that anyone can be rich in this great country if the so choose.

Fundamental difference indeed........

Ed Schultz is a bastard who thinks you need to agree with everything he says

What a tool.......

It's awesome when your own side does it, but totally uncool when the other side does.