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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Face Punch Wednesday

Keith Olbermann: Now why am I not surprised to see Keith appear here at the start of he New Year???? This week Keith is spewing more violent, divisive, rhetoric against the right, by completely misconstruing the results of a Daily Kos/Public Policy Polling survey. On Monday nights "Countdown" Mr. ImReallyADoeberman said "A new poll taken after the shooting showing only a handful of Americans, 5 percent or 6 percent, calling violence against the current U.S. government justified, but 13 percent of the Tea Party says it is." That's a true statement, but would you like to know who had the highest positive response to this question? It was 17 percent, from folks aged 18-29. In addition, if you combine Hispanics, who polled at nine percent, and the 14 percent for "Other" under race, non-white/non-black Americans see violence against the government as being far more acceptable than the entire nation. Interesting that Keith interpreted all these numbers to mean that Tea Party is all about violence against the government. Finally, I just have to wonder how many people answered this poll in a way to specifically make Tea Party look bad? I mean seriously, in the last two and a half years I have been to more than 50 different events in multiple locations and not one time has there been one credible call of violence against the government. For falling to see the true threat and once again maligning millions of good, honest, hard working Americans-7 punches.

Harry Reid: House Republicans are set to vote on the repeal of the heath control travesty, passed against the will of the American people last year-in the Senate it may be a different story though. Harry Red has has he will not even bring the bill to the floor for a vote. I wonder if Harry will remember what a tiny little prick he was when Boehner refuses to bring a Senate bill to a vote later on. For ignoring the will of the people AGAIN 10 punches.

Ron Reagan Jr.: In the liberal commentator's new book, he says it's fact that his father had Alheizmer's while still in office. He vividly describes seeing signs of "something beyond mellowing" affecting President Reagan as early as three years into his first term: "My heart sank as he floundered his way through his responses. He looked tired and bewildered," I'm curious....even if this were true, does Reagan Jr. think there is any chance that just being President "might make one tired and bewildered" from time to time? For being an embarassment to your father first and now your mother 25 punches

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