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Monday, January 17, 2011

Frances Fox-Piven talks Tea Party

Frances Fox-Piven gives a very informative viewpoint about Tea Party.

Unfortunately, she doesn't seem to be at all informed or qualified to speak about Tea Party. She is clearly trying to mislead whatever group she is talking to, still promoting the myth Tea Party are all white, racists, well-to-do, homophobes who don't have anything to say except "I am angry."

Mrs. Fox-Piven gives all the same misinformation we continually hear from the left on the subject of Tea Party. They must discredit you and promote the idea that we are all stupid rubes, who are backward looking. She also leans heavily on the premise that we are all afraid of the big black man in the White House.

It is tired drivel we have heard before.....lady I will say the same thing to you I say to every hate-mailer in the block......

"Sweetie, I have been called far worse, by far better than you"

1 comment:

  1. I have a 26 yo nephew who VOTED for Obama, but who now claims he believes Obama is the ANTICHRIST! He also has many African-American friends (too many to count), so I definitely wouldn't call him a racist. And he is not old (but he is white), so I'm afraid the "Fox" is trying to tell the little "chickens" that the "crowing rooster" is really their enemy! Thanks for this post Michelle!