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Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Patriot Enclave-show notes: 1-26

(AUDIO) Ugh, State of the Union because we have to......

(AUDIO) Let's put to rest this idiotic criticism of Rep. Michele Bachmann
(AUDIO) Rachel Maddow is all mad CNN aired Rep. Bachmann's Tea Party speech. Seriously lady, get a life.

Investors Business Daily has a great series entitled "American Freedom and Prosperity Under Attack"
Part one: Freedom of speech
Part two: Government take-over of retirement accounts
Part three: Regulations
Part four: The loss of faith in government
I'm reading it.....you should too.

They want to ban texting and walking........ugh, seriously when does the government intrusion into our lives stop.

(AUDIO) They are getting rid of the pretty terror alert colors and going to a National Terror Alert System

The Chief Medicare Actuary likes Rep. Paul Ryan's Roadmap plan to reform entitlements would drive down health-care costs than President Obama’s recently passed overhaul.

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