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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Rep. Joe Baca (D-CA) & the PROUD Act-more illegal immigration amnesty

The People Resolved to Obtain Understanding of Democracy (PROUD) Act was introduced last Congress as part of a larger immigration bill. While Rep. Baca did receive some support for his bill then, it never made it out of committee; I would expect the same thing will happen this time around too, but it still merits watching.

The PROUD Act would grant amnesty to illegal boarder invaders who were brought to this country by their parents and have broken the law through no fault of their own. Haven't we heard this argument before??? There are specific criteria that must be met and applicants must be in “good moral standing within the community.” No matter how you slice it, it is still tromping on those who follow the law to live in this country and it is still by-passing the rules we already have to get here.
Under his measure, illegal immigrants who complete grades 6 through 12 in a U.S. school can forgo the current naturalization exam to obtain citizenship. They must provide proof of “essential civic knowledge” and be in “good moral standing within the community.” This will motivate all students to “do their best and stay out of trouble,” Baca assures. It will also put our most responsible and successful immigrant students on a “streamlined path for citizenship.” After all, the congressman reminds us that America is the land of opportunity and we are blessed to live in a nation where people of diverse backgrounds can come together as one. His legislation will increase the number of high-skilled, citizen workers which will boost economic recovery by creating additional tax revenue. How can you beat that?
Why do we need yet another path to citizenship in this country? We already have a path and if one follows the law, one can become a citizen. We do not need new rules, more lax rules, in order to give folks amnesty.

Tell Rep. Joe Baca we don't need a path to mass amnesty and we already have a path to citizenship.

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