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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Where Roseanne Barr thinks her opinion is relevant.

In a debate with Ted Nugent on Anderson Cooper 360 Roseanne Barr called Palin supporters "the dumbest people on Earth". She also claimed we are all stooges on the government dole, annoyed that others want on the government dole. Finally, Barr said that Nugent and all spokes-people for the Tea Party movement are paid hacks, whose opinions are owned by the Koch brothers........interesting coming from a Soros lover.
TED NUGENT: Who said you can pay people not to work and not be productive? If you’re not productive, you get no money. How’s that sound?

ROSEANNE BARR: That sounds like you’re blaming the victim. Sounds like you’re blaming the poor people.

NUGENT: Victim?

BARR: Yes.

NUGENT: What, victims of sleeping in?

BARR: Yeah, I think you’re blaming the victim. I think it’s just a big fat con, and you work for the richest guys in the world. All you Tea Party spokespeople, you work for the Koch brothers and they’re like billionaires.

The sparring soon continued:

BARR: No, but you’re working for the wrong people, brother.

NUGENT: I work for myself. I work for myself, and all my buddies work for themselves. They work and they expect to have something left and not give it to people who didn’t
With this latest round of sparring, Barr just confirms her lack of intelligence about.......well everything. It is clear she has no clue what Tea Party stands for, what our principles are about and where we stand on the "victims" of the evil rich people.

What Ms. Barr and everyone like her fails to see is Tea Party, at the core, only wants accountability. While she would have you believe it is the fault of the rich that one is poor, Tea Party would have you believe that anyone can be rich in this great country if the so choose.

Fundamental difference indeed........


  1. Does anyone really take Barr serious? I mean really...she thinks she's a comedienne too...clown would probably be more appropriate as she engages in buffoonery.

  2. Roseanne reminds me of The "Wisdom" of Ted Turner on Global Warming: We'll All become Cannibals...