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Saturday, February 26, 2011

St. Louis Tea Party LIVE at Jefferson City 2/26/11

Video chat rooms at Ustream

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Broadcasting LIVE now: The Patriot Enclave with Michelle Moore

The Patriot Enclave-show notes: 2-24

The Obama Administration is looking for a few good men.....they can even be fake men, that would be cool.

The Wisconsin protests: a study in out of control unions and real rhetoric.
(AUDIO) Rachel Maddow needs to learn the facts of this case AND now it's cool to use maneuvers to stop the majority from doing stuff you don't like.
(AUDIO) Lest we forget that Obama campaigned on promoting the union agenda.
That might explain why MoveOn.org was in WI helping out the teachers.
(AUDIO) Isn't "Kill the bill" violent rhetoric?
(AUDIO) Rep Michael Capuano thinks you gotta get a little bloody once in a while.

A federal judge refuses to hear a case about the health control bill, unfortunately I couldn't disagree more with her reasoning.

But the most important part of her decision may be her specific response to the slippery slope argument that legal critics of the mandate, including Judges Henry Hudson an Roger Vinson, have made. This is what has become known as the “broccoli argument”: If the government can make you pay for health care, the critics say, then why can’t it make you buy broccoli? Or a GM car? Or anything else?

This second aspect of the health care market distinguishes the ACA from Plaintiffs’ hypothetical scenario in which Congress enacts a law requiring individuals to purchase automobiles in an attempt to regulate the transportation market. Even assuming that all individuals require transportation in the same sense that all individuals require medical services, automobile manufacturers are not required by law to give cars to people who show up at their door in need of transportation but without the money to pay for it. Similarly, food and lodging are basic necessities, but the Court is not aware of any law requiring restaurants or hotels to provide either free of charge.
It should be emphasized that this distinction is not merely a useful limiting principle on Congress’s Commerce Clause power. Rather, it is a basic, relevant fact about the operation of the health care market which is critical to understanding the ACA’s efforts to reform the health care system. The requirement placed upon medical providers by federal law to care for the sick and injured without recompense is part of the cost-shifting problem that Congress sought to redress by enacting the ACA. When a supplier is obligated by law to produce goods or services for free, there is bound to be a substantial effect on market prices if consumers’ behavior results in that obligation’s frequent invocation.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Face Punch Wednesday

Joy Behar-On Monday Joy said of the proposed defunding of Planned Parenthood, it would be "illogical...because if you are not going to help people with birth control, you're going to have more abortions. So, besides being evil and immoral and unethical, they're also stupid" Of course trying to allow babies to live is totally evil. Babies are evil. Conflating birth control services with the cash cow that abortion has become for Planned Parenthood is totally dishonest. For the most part, folks don't want to defund Planned Parenthood because they provide birth control services. In addition, if the government is paying to murder, then I have a few requests. For being an evil, immoral, unethical, witch 10 punches.

The Democrats who run from doing their jobs: We now have in two states, elected Democratic lawmakers who, rather than do their job and vote on legislation they don't agree with, are running and hiding like little children. Rather than taking a stand and being men, they are a bunch of pansies hiding in hotels across Illinois. Both WI and IN are taking votes that will alter the way unions operate in their respective states and these Pansycrats are afraid to make their votes known to the thugs that put them in office. Just for being big fat babies 15 punches

Charlie Rangle-Despite being a tax cheat himself-paying millions in legal fees and $10,000 in back taxes, fighting censure and being ousted as chairman of the tax-writing Ways and Means Committee all because of his failure to report income from a Dominican villa and using a rent controlled apartment for campaign duties-Charlie feels qualified to dispense tax advice to his constituents. Maybe Geither, Rangle and Snipes should open a tax advice firm; they can tell us how to keep our money, hide our assets and skip out on all the silly jail stuff. For not playing by the same rules as the rest of us 10 punches.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Kidney Update: No bikini for you........AND DONATION INFORMATION

UPDATE: looks like there is more than one Michelle Moore so you may be asked for my birth date-5/9/1970.

(Previous entries: One, Two, Three, Four)

It has been two full weeks since the insertion of the peritoneal dialysis catheter into my abdomen. It's all healed and the stitches came out last week. The Doc says it all looks good.....that's a matter of opinion I suppose, though I realize he means it has healed well. Looking good is a whole other matter:

This is how I keep it taped up under my clothes during the day. That blue and white thing on the end of the tube is a valve. Basically this valve is used to open and close the tubing during the dialysis process.

I just don't see a bikini in my summer this year :) The scars were bad enough, but this......well frankly, it is revolting. It's hard to feel sexy with a garden hose sticking out of your stomach. Yeah, yeah, I know, I'm supposed to only be thankful that I am not dead. Ok. I am.

I've gone into the dialysis center twice now to have the tube flushed out. It is working well. The fluid going into my abdomen doesn't really feel like anything. Maybe it is a little cool but that's about it-though at this point the dialysis nurse puts a little fluid in and lets it drain out. We do this for about a half of a bag. The sensation of it draining out is somewhat painful when it gets to the end. Kelly (my dialysis nurse) tells me this "drain pain" should subside over time. Its not an intolerable pain, but I will be glad when it doesn't hurt any more.

The word on the street is I will begin my dialysis training next Monday 2/28. I will train for a couple of hours everyday that week and then on Friday Kelly will make a home visit to make sure I get my dialysis machine set up all right and that night I will begin home dialysis on my own.

The amount of prep that has to go into actually doing the dialysis is quite extensive. Each night I will have to go through a whole routine before I can even start. There is hand washing, sterilizing, setup and connecting. There is a lot of concern and potential for infection, you know 'cause of the whole tube running directly into your abdomen thing, so there are many precautions that must be taken. Fans must be off, the cat and dog have to be out of the room, masks must be worn......ugh I'm wondering how I get all hooked up and ready, then open the door to my room to let the cat and dog back in. What if I have to pee in the middle of the night?

To be sure my days of staying out late or even having a few drinks are behind me. There is no way I can do all of these steps properly after a couple of beers, nor would I even try-not getting an infection appeals to me. Then, with 8 hours of dialysis every night, I will have to watch my time very carefully-staying in bed past 6 is not often an option for me. Even if I can stay in bed later, I will have to plan when I go to bed so I know when I can get up. There will be no more waking up an getting out of bed simply because I am no longer sleeping. What time is it? How long have I been here? Can I get out of bed or do I have to just lay here for another hour? How about two or three?

The reality of what dialysis will do to my life, how it will change things, is very difficult for me to accept. Seeing the process and going to the dialysis center made it more real than any video I could watch or training I could have. I will continue to live my life, but it will be a life constrained and strained by this stupid disease and it's treatment. It will not be my life as it has always been. I will be living according to what the doctors want and what the schedule dictates. Though I will try not to, I'm afraid I will begin to resent those around me who are not so constrained. Even thinking about all the things I won't be able to do makes me feel incredibly lonely.

Possibly the hardest part in fitting this crap into my life is the fact that I am not incredibly sick. I am glad for that, however most people with this stage of kidney failure would feel terrible. (FUN FACT: do you know stage 5 kidney failure is called ESRD? Once you get under 15% it is just called End Stage Renal Disease. That sounds nice doesn't it.) Maybe they feel like staying home and sleeping all the time. Many of them have diabetes and other illnesses that already limit them. I don't have any of that. I don't feel good all the time to be sure, but I still go to the gym. I still get up early everyday. Most nights I don't sleep more than a few hours, being able to get up and move around has ALWAYS been available to me. Now? Not so much. I like to stay out late with friends from time to time. Even a late movie is out. I just feel so double crossed. If I am that sick why do I feel the same as I always have?

Today I get 30 boxes of supplies delivered to my house. I am right now putting off deciding where I am going to keep that much stuff. Do you have somewhere you could pile up 30 medium size boxes of supplies? It will have to be an area completely dedicated to keeping this stuff because I will now receive this same delivery every month. Good-bye entire part of my house...........

I do have one piece of good news though. I received all my info on going to the transplant center over the weekend. I will go for class and testing on April 25th. I will basically be there all day from 7am to 5pm. The schedule looks like this:

7am-Testing. Including blood tests, chest x-ray, EKG
8am-Pulmonary Testing. This is an exercise test where they have me walk or run to get my heart rate up and then check my heart and lung function.
9:50am-Transplant Education Class. Everything you ever wanted to know about transplant. Potential donors are welcome to attend this class too.
2pm-Physician Interview-Nephrology. This is where they give me a thorough exam, then ask me a bunch of questions to determine if I will qualify for a transplant.
3pm-Social Work Consult. During this meeting they will talk to me about insurance, my costs for the transplant and lifelong medication, and State and Kidney Foundation assistance available to me.


If you are interested in being tested I thank you in advance and God bless you for considering giving me your kidney.

I think that is all I have for you guys today. If I can make myself do it, I will take a pic of all the stuff and put it up later.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Broadcasting LIVE now: The Patriot Enclave with Michelle Moore

The Patriot Enclave-show notes: 2-17

(AUDIO) I went to a protest in Madison, WI and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.......
Why are students protesting at a teachers union protest? More importantly, why are they getting out of school to do it????

(AUDIO) Gov. Chris Christie makes me swoon with his on-target political rhetoric.....
http://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2011/02 /16/christie_to_gop_its_put_up_or_shut_up_time_108919.html
Speaking to the conservative American Enterprise Institute he delivered a blunt warning to members of his own party who were elected to Congress in November largely to reinstate fiscal discipline. "It's put up or shut up time," Christie said during his address at the conservative American Enterprise Institute.
Indeed it is....

Michael Copps, one of the FCC Chairman, wants to address the issue if "real journalism" Yeah, that's not going to turn into censorship is it.....

Obama releases his budget for 2012

(AUDIO) We have a union boss who thinks if you believe in cutting spending you are mentally retarded....

(AUDIO) Well if Jimmy's gonna vouch for them, I'm not worried in the least.

Monday, February 7, 2011

IRS pays $33 million in bogus electric car credits

In a report released this week by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration we find that the IRS has issued $33 million dollars in bogus tax credits. Because of inadequate processes within the IRS, folks were able to make claims on vehicles that did not meet the criteria, claimed multiple credits for the same vehicle and claimed an excessive number of vehicles for "personal" use.
......the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) was simply following an aggressive Obama Administration plan to reward consumers that purchase the costly “advanced-technology” vehicles. The president is on a mission to get 1 million of the environmentally friendly cars on the road by 2015.
As a result of that push the IRS failed to appropriately scrutinize claims, even when they clearly didn’t meet the criteria. In the first six months of 2010 alone, 20% of such federal tax credits were “erroneous,” costing U.S. taxpayers more than $33 million. Details of this latest IRS gaffe are laid out in a report released this week by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration.
It reveals that the IRS granted the lucrative tax credit—worth up to $7,500—to gas-guzzling sports utility vehicles and even a bicycle. Among those who cheated Uncle Sam are jail inmates and even IRS employees. Some people got multiple tax cuts for the same vehicle and 29 prisoners received nearly $50,000 in alternative vehicle credits even though they were behind bars.
Bear in mind, this is the same organization that has been caught repeatedly issuing refunds to prison inmates.

The American people can't wait until this organization is in charge of administering Obamacare.

Kideny Update: This time it was EXCELLENT news!

I just returned from having my PD catheter placed in my abdomen. If you're following the saga you know there was some question as to whether I would be able to have it because of the many abdominal surgeries I have had over the years. As it turns out, there was no issue getting the catheter in the abdomen. It went right in, followed the path the doc wanted it to and the abdominal cavity is NOT divided into pockets.

I go back Monday to get the sutures out and then I will get the tubing flushed once every 7 days until I start dialysis. At this time the doc seems to feel I will heal quickly and I should start dialysis in possibly two weeks. Once the bandages come off I will post another pic of what it actually looks like.

The surgery was not terribly painful. They didn't knock me out but rather gave me something to relax and then numbed the area with lidocaine. There were a few times it was very uncomfortable, hurt a little and at one point-though I was totally numb-I could fully feel him reaching around inside my abdominal cavity and touching stuff.......it didn't hurt all that much, but it was a very disgusting and disturbing feeling. The surgery took about 40 minutes.

So the journey thus far has had some bumps. There are days I am very depressed and there are pressures I wish I didn't have, but today I am grateful. I am very happy that I am able to at least begin with the type of dialysis that, for me, will be the better choice.

Thanks again for all your prayers......today they were answered!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Patriot Enclave-show notes: 2-3

(AUDIO)The health care law has been ruled unconstitutional! Yay, I'll take whatever victory I can get.

The Senate took the health care vote to the floor yesterday. It didn't pass, but at least it was out there.
They did repeal the idiotic 1099 filing requirement though.

(AUDIO) Jessie Jackson says the government should run EVERYTHING

The DNC decided not to hold their convention in St. Louis. That made me sad....I was looking forward to the endless days and nights of protesting.
But wait! did Claire-bear campaign against the jobs it wouldve brought to the city out of fear for her re-election bid?
She says no.....

MO Senate is set to vote on an anti-texting bill. Why do we constantly pass laws on top of laws we already have? How about if they just enforce the distracted driving law already on the books???? How about that?

Face Punch Wednesday

Chris Matthews-All this week Chris has been going after Michele Bachmann for her response to the State of the Union Speech-pushing the meme that she claimed the fore-fathers worked to abolish slavery, when what she actually said was fore-bearers-citing John Quincy Adams who was not a fore-father BTW. Then yesterday Mr. Matthews said the Panama Canal is in Egypt.....can you imagine the ridicule Palin or Bachmann would have suffered if they had made that comment. For not having a basic understanding of the English language 5 punches.

Sen. Chuck Schumer: In a CNN interview Senator Schumer was spreading the horror on not raising the debt ceiling as so many Dems are right now. In the process he urged his "republican colleges" to cooperate with Dems on raising the debt limit and explained that cooperation is exactly what the founding fathers had in mind-which is why they created the three branches of government the House, the Senate, and a President. Huh? Doesn't Senator Schumer sit on the Judiciary committee? Wow, for just being a total tool 7 punches.

Snowtastorphe: For the last week the meteorologists in my town have been spouting off about the worst snow/ice storm to hit this town since 1982 with snow totals reaching between 6 and 12 inches here in St. Louis.......well not so much. While I have seen plenty of sleet I have seen nary a snowflake until now and now it looks like we will get 2 or 3 inches at most. For having the only job in the world where you can be wrong 95% of the time and still be considered a success 5 punches

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Kideny Update: Well it could have been better news........

I made a visit to a new doctor yesterday-the guy who will place the Peritoneal Dialysis catheter. He was great. Very informative in fact....he told me several things I did not expect to hear.

First, there is a chance I will not be a candidate for peritoneal dialysis because I have had so many abdominal surgeries. I have been cut open along the main line of my abdomen no less than four times and with the build up of scar tissue there is a chance they will not be able to feed the line through. If they do get the line through there is a chance my abdominal cavity is divided into pockets and the PD would not be effective in that case. Unfortunately, there is no way to know this without going in. Next Monday I will go under, they will make a small incision on the side of my person and feed the line in. They will use this line to shoot a very small amount of contrast into my abdomen to see if the lining is divided. If it is I will have to have already made the choice as to what I want to do next. I can go with the more commonly known hemodialysis and get a fistula, which I really wanted to avoid or I can try to find a doc who does the PD catheter insertion laparoscopically. If they do it laparoscopically a surgeon will break up the scar tissue and then possibly I could still go that route. The problem with that? Most likely at some point the scar tissue reforms.

Ugh. All of this was very disappointing hear. I thought I was going in to learn all about the procedure I had picked that I didn't want, for an issue I wish I didn't have. Of course there have to be additional issues. I'm starting to feel like that is how this whole thing is going to go. It's not doing much to lift my spirits.......

The other tiny piece of information he gave me is that apparently transplants generally don't last a lifetime. Most last about 10 years, though occasionally they will go as long as 20. Well that's awesome. I can go through all this crap now, then I get to do it all over again. As young as I am it is certainly possible I would need a transplant 4 times. I can't even imagine.

I saw my nephrologist last week and my numbers look to be holding steady. That is good news. Because this failure came on so suddenly I have been constantly worried about how fast it was progressing. It is good to know for now I am holding my own against progress. Of course, I always wish I would go in and she would tell me it was all a huge mistake. No such luck this go round. Maybe next time.

McConnell will bring HealthControl vote to the floor TODAY

Received via email:

From Leader McConnell's office:

It is official: Leader McConnell is moving forward with the House-passed health care repeal this afternoon. He will offer the language as an amendment to the FAA Reauthorization currently on the Senate floor. More details are below including some helpful documents.

We will not know vote timing or vote thresholds until after Leader McConnell has offered the amendment and Leader Reid has responded.

We need to target these Senators now to vote yes on Repeal. It is very likely that this will be voted on today. Reid wants this over with asap.

Please activate your lists to start making calls to Ben Nelson (NE), John Testor (MT), Joe Manchin (WV) and Claire McCaskill (MO).

Call people. This is the chance we were waiting for!

Matthews slams Bachmann over "fore-bearers" comment, thinks Panama Canal is in Egypt.

So Matthews continues to spread the lies about Palin and Bachmann on his show:

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Yet if Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann had said this I can only imagine the snide, henious comments Matthews would have made.

(h/t bbollmann64)