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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Matthews slams Bachmann over "fore-bearers" comment, thinks Panama Canal is in Egypt.

So Matthews continues to spread the lies about Palin and Bachmann on his show:

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Yet if Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann had said this I can only imagine the snide, henious comments Matthews would have made.

(h/t bbollmann64)


  1. He is an idiot wrapped in a moron and smothered with inconsistency.

  2. Showing his total ignorance of the Constitution, like all liberals, Matthews repeats the lie that blacks were treated as three-fifths of a person. All the Constitution did was state that after a census was taken, only three-fifths of the number of slaves in a state would be used to determine that state's representation in Congress. This was a compromise reached between the free states, which wanted none of the slaves considered, and the slave holding states, which wanted all of them. It should be noted that this referred to slaves not blacks, since blacks were not the only people enslaved, and the number of any free blacks was used in whole.

    It is ironic to see Chrissy accuse others of being ignorant when he proudly declaring his own for all the world to see.

  3. We're tired of the pro's like Chris Matthews using disparaging remarks about Sarah.

    As one of the "peanut gallery" that Sarah speaks to "wtf" is the correct term when speaking about the "sputnick moment" that Pres. Obama refers to. America has had too many fine moment's for the the President to stay so stuck on stupid!

    Chris Matthews makes a living off of Sarah Palin & Michelle Bachmann. He is not capable of doing a show with mentioning them. He is a sexist....pure & simple who is so threatened by two very intelligent women.

    I find it very entertaining....even comical to watch him go into his temper tantrums. I have an extra pacifier around the house somewhere....lol

    How immature! I guess that's why MSNBC isn't doing to well. Keith Olberman couldn't stick to the facts either.