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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Face Punch Wednesday

WI State Rep. Gordon Hintz- After a vote held on the floor of the House Monday concerning the state budget repair bill Rep. Hintz turned to fellow Representative Michelle Litjens and told her "You are f---ing dead” Well, well, well.....welcome to the new era of civility. It is an incredible state we are currently in wherein the left continually berates the right, calling us racist and violent and extremest at every turn for the last two years based on ZERO evidence or actual incident, yet crap like this happens and you get nary a peep out of the media. Because you need a real lesson in civility 7 punches.

Charlie Sheen-It seems Charlie Sheen is back on drugs.......if you ask him it's a drug called "Charlie Sheen". He's also running around deluded into believing we, the normal, average, not drug addled folks could not possibly understand him with our tiny, feeble minds. I have enjoyed Two and a Half Men over the years-the antics of a drunken, womanizing, rich boy has had it's amusing moments on T.V. However in real life it is pathetic and sad. For thinking far more of yourself than any of the rest of us think of you 5 punches.

Morning Joe and Mika-Joe and Mika have figured it out.......the middle-class cares nothing for the poor. In fact if it were up to us, the poor should just freeze to death with no oil to warm their homes. First they went after the rich, then they redefined rich, now they just come right out and say it-the middle class should give up what is theirs so the poor don't have to suffer. When will the poor have enough of what belongs to everyone else? For pushing class warfare and never saying enough is enough 10 punches.

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