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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Face Punch Wednesday

Stephen King-This week Stephen King traveled to Wisconsin to show his support for the union workers who have been wreaking havoc on the state capitol for more than a month now. The main gist of his message? He wants to know why the "rich" like him aren't paying 50% in taxes. Well Mr. King, I have some great news for you!!!! If you want to pay 50% tax, go right ahead!!! No one is stopping you sweetie. In fact, if you really want to do some good, why don't you go ahead and pay 90% in taxes???? For not putting your money where your mouth is 8 punches

Al Franken-Good 'ole Al spoke on Monday to a group of tech geeks at the SXSW Conference in Texas. (If you are unfamiliar with this conference, suffice it to say it is just a big geek-fest wherein geeks get together and talk about new and emerging technology/gaming/social media and the like over several days) Franken spoke to the group about the recent rule-making by the FCC over the Internet and touted the supposed importance of these regulations for keeping the Internet "free and open". He then went on to cite various examples over the last thirty years of how the already free and open Internet has allowed various artists and companies to thrive, while making lots of wild accusations based on absolutely no facts or actual occurrences about what will happen to the Internet if Net Neutrality were to die. For not understanding how to present and effective argument OR technology in the least 10 punches.

EPA-The EPA and some crazy, government loving group is taking one more bite out of your freedoms. Decades ago, scientists discovered a bacteria-killing chemical called Triclosan which helps people all over the world stay healthy. Now, some environmental extremists want us to take a huge step backward by banning these chemicals. By citing faulty research and making bogus claims, this environmental group is on the verge of making a major health decision for your family right now. This is just one more example of enviro-nazi's imposing their will on you against yours. For not minding your own business and using false information to push your agenda 5 punches.
(Also, be sure to sign SGP's petition telling the EPA to keep their grubby hands off your antibacterial hand cleaner.)

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