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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Face Punch Wednesday

Abercrombie-Last week if you were looking for a padded, push-up bikini top for your 7 year old you could have found one at your local Abercrombie store. In an effort to further sexualize our young girls and give a little something extra to pedophiles everywhere Ambercrombie for Kids had the sweetest little stripped bikini more appropo to a twenty-something than a pre-pubescent teen. Though they have since pulled it off the web site, for not knowing when young is too young 10 punches

Every Democrat that is for the bombing of Lybia-So these days bombing a citizen terrorizing dictator is awesome and what-not, but just three short initials ago (G.W.B) it was not "teh awsum". It was a war crime and a lie and a horrible horrible thing to do...oh and a war for oil-you know, just like this IS actually a war for oil.....European Oil that is. For being unable to be against something once you were against it 10 zillion punches.

Sen. Lindsey Graham-Good 'ole Lindsey seems to suffer from hearing loss saying in a CNN interview "Nobody complained about the cost of Iraq and Afghanistan on our watch." I'm curious, does Mr. Graham have ears at all? Does he suffer from delusional reality or does he just completely ignore reality when it is more convenient to just use whatever words he has sitting around in his mouth? For being as dumb as a box of hammers or possibly for just having them stuffed in his ears 8 punches.

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  1. why cant we go back to the days when, children under 17 wear girls clothes or boys clothes. wearing boys and girls clothing serves a function, it protects a childs modesty, and lets everyone know there age, a better idea would be uniforms in schools, oh now i am old fashioned, i must be livin in the 18th. hey why not!