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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Tone: Union Protesters INVADE Tennessee Senate Chambers during session

In the spirit of the "new tone" some union protesters took it upon themselves to invade the Commerce, Labor and Agriculture Senate Committee room in the Tennessee state capitol. As one of the demonstrators said, "I see civil disobedience as an obligation that we have when we see injustices in the world." That is an interesting point of view. The left can't stand it when the right simply gathers on the grounds of a building in protest, but they find it to be their duty to invade an actual committee hearing and disrupt the proceedings at will for their issues.


  1. "I see civil disobedience as an obligation that we have when we see injustices in the world."
    Uh huh. And Thoreau, the father of American civil disobedience, understood he'd go to jail for practicing same. Ready for your cell, "demonstrator?"

  2. Resistance should be met with
    pepper spray

    in that order

  3. Jail time. The brats, harpies, and thugs who bully, intimidate, and disrupt normal civic life need to pay a real price. A few months in jail and the loss of a spot in university or the loss of a job for a few would serve notice to the thousands who think they can costless-ly do the same when they get a chance. Society needs good cautionary tales to keep the more barbarous impulses down.

  4. Thoreau, Gandhi, Martin Luther King - all knew full well they risked imprisonment for their civil disobedience. In fact, they embraced it, for the injustice of what they protested could only be so demonstrated.

    Modern leftist "civil disobeyers" get released on their own recognizance in a very short while, if they are arrested at all.

  5. The Democratic party is the party of parasites and thugs.

  6. I wish they would do this in every state of the Union...plus Puerto Rico and Guam. The more these petty communist thugs expose their selfishness and greed, the more the public will demand that they be punished.

  7. Look at the lefties in WI: with all their antics they didn't even get arrested, yet a much more civil and less vociferous Tea Party gathering in Quincy, Ill had the Police SWAT Team paraded in front of them just for show.
    When will the 60's-era hippies that are now in charge realize that by trying to destroy the Establishment they have BECOME that very Establishment?

  8. The only "injustice" being felt by these $70,000 a year oppressed is the wait for their new $799 iPad.Maybe they could take another sick day,lie down,and take it easy