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Friday, April 1, 2011

4 Missouri Senators reject further prostitution by the Federal government.

Last week we had four State Senators stand up to the political machine, the federal government and the Democratic Governor in our state, filibustering a bill giving Missouri stimulus funds the government doesn't have that would have extended unemployment benefits from 79 weeks (a YEAR AND A HALF) up to 99 weeks. (5 weeks short of TWO YEARS) The media in our state has portrayed this move as cruelty to the unemployed. Unfortunately they are not reporting the whole story.

Senators Nieves, Lembke, Kraus and Schaaf do not wish to further prostitute our State to the federal government in exchange for money that comes with strings. Further, it is clear our government does not have this money to give to the states, so they will either have to print it or borrow it, further indebting us to China. Neither of these options is acceptable to these brave, staunchly conservative Senators. This move makes Missouri was the first state to reject this type of federal funding. Perhaps other states should follow suit.

The fact is the four Senators even scheduled a meeting with Governor Jay Nixon to try to work out a deal. They approached the Governor with a plan to drop a bill full of wasteful spending and special interest projects, including $170 million for weatherization, $22 million for a high speed rail study, and $100,000 for aquaculture fisheries. Not only did the Governor not have the decency to meet with them in person, he sent his lackey instead, but said lackey refused to drop this wasteful spending and stormed out of the meeting. The only compromise the Governors office was interested in was a tit-for-tat measure, they would give up an amount equal to the unemployment benefits, but no more. In a time when every dime we spend is sending our childrens future farther and farther down the rabbit hole, I can certainly see the importance of spending $22 million on a High Speed Rail STUDY..........

There must be a limit to extending unemployment benefits. We cannot continue to subsidize those that are not working. While it may seem hard hearted, you must ask When is enough, enough? Two years is long enough to move to a different field of work. Two years will earn you an Associates degree. Two years is a year and a half too long........Why should I continue to work so hard everyday, barely making it myself, living with the burden of mounting medical bills and taking care of my own kids while they sit at home and collect my tax dollars?

Finally, while the local paper wastes time on a non-story about our Lt. Governor and how he has legally spent money on travel (as proven by TWO state audits) no one is talking about how the Governor who cares more about pet projects (a union giveaway?????) than he does about the poor, permanently unemployed people in our state.

Go figure...


  1. Absolutely, and don't forget to fend for yourselves in aftermath of the tornados.

  2. Those Fox Koch kneepads wearing a little thin by now Ms Moore? You are too pretty to be such a dumass.