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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Face Punch Wednesday

Nancy Pelosi-San Fran Nan today said of Paul Ryans new budget "The #GOP Ryan budget is a path to poverty for America's seniors & children and a road to riches for big oil" Of course it should come as no surprise Nancy would say that.....we all learned in accounting classes the way to save money and pay off debt is to live beyond your means and borrow like there is no tomorrow. Funny enough this comes from the same woman who was in charge when the Congress failed to pass a budget, which was required of her. For forgetting that we must pass the bill before we can criticize all it's shortcomings 10 punches.

Lindsay Graham: This week on Face the Nation Lindsey was discussing the terrible, violent reaction in Afghanistan to the burning of a Quran by Christian nutjob Terry Jones. During the exchange Graham said "Freedom of speech is a great idea but we’re in a war".......WTF? Let me get this straight, because of the actions of horrible, violent terrorists we, the American people should lose our right to free speech. There is no doubt what Jones did was stupid and unnecessary-I will add him to the list as needing a good punching, but Mr. Graham needs to get his priorities straight. You don't punish Americans for the acts of Afghanies. For having no sense of what the real problem is or how to actually fix it 8 punches.

Jesse Jackson- At a rally a few weeks ago during the union protests against cutting back on government spending in the bankrupt state of Wisconsin, Jessie Jackson spoke to a large crowd outside the Capitol. He proclaimed of their struggle "This is a Martin Luther King moment!" He then went on to say "This is where it’s at. This is the epicenter of the struggle for America’s future. " and "Labor rights are civil rights! Labor rights are human rights!” Yes, soaking the American taxpayer for all they are worth and then demanding more with no end in sight is exactly like being hung from a tree only because of the color of your skin. Because you always get on this list for being a race baiting idiot 10 punches.

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