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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Face Punch Wednesday

NY Bureaucrats-In an effort to further regulate the fun out of everything, the legislature of New York has decided the kickball, dodgeball and freeze tag are among a list of kids games that now need oversight by government. According to the health department these games, and several other activities, have a 'significant risk of injury'. Yeah, they also have a significant risk of fun for the kids. Because you all carry a significant risk of being pansies 5 punches

USDA-In effort to enlarge the dependency state, the USDA is printing up fancy new fliers and doling out major moo-la to state and local governments, as well as “private non-profit organizations” so they can develop projects that “simplify SNAP application and eligibility systems." That is super awesome since the government dole for food stamps has only increased 50% over the last three years....I mean really 80-90% would be waaaayyyy better, no? For trying to enslave the chattering class until they lose the will to breathe on their own 10 punches.

The tax man-This one's for me alone.....simply the tax code. If I have to pay $500 to have my taxes done THERE IS A PROBLEM. 500 punches for $500 dollars.

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