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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Obama "The economy sucks. You don't have a job. Take on a car payment!"

In a move of utter brilliance:
The economy is a disaster; unemployment has done nothing but go UP the last two years; people are losing their homes left and right and what is the solution to out of control gas prices? Obama proposes those same folks go out and buy a new car from GM or Ford or Chrysler to relieve their pain.

That's right....President Obama wants you to run your household exactly like the Federal Government runs things. Go out and spend borrowed money you don't have. Brilliant.

While promoting this absurd idea, he throws out another straw-man:
Addressing the questioner, Obama conceded, “None of that is going to help you this week, though. So, like I said, if you’re getting eight miles a gallon you may want to think about a trade-in. You can get a great deal. I promise you, GM or Ford or Chrysler, they’re going to be happy to give you a deal on something that gets you better gas mileage.”
Who the hell is still getting 8 miles to the gallon? Even 20 years ago fuel efficiently standards were much higher than that. Obviously this is just another attempt at pushing the false agenda of the Green Energy boondoggle Obama hopes to create.


  1. http://usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/cars-trucks/Lamborghini_Murcielago/ it only cost 450k and gets 8city/13hwy mpg

  2. I get 8-10 mpg Michelle LOL but a 3 cylinder hybrid won't pull a heavy trailer or plow snow so I like my Hemi just fine