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Thursday, May 26, 2011

One person wins against an entire school district, religious symbols will be covered.

In what can only be described as a loss for reasonable behavior and tolerance, the person who found the cross to be offensive at the building where the Neptune New Jersey School District holds their graduation, has won. The school will now cover the few religious symbols in the building where they have held graduation for the last 60 years without complIant. In addition, parents can now enter like delivery folks through the side door rather than walk under a cross which hangs over the main entrance. Sadly, someone who is not a part of the school district, does not have kids graduating from this school and who is in no way affiliated with the school has taken this case to the ACLU and their influence will effect every graduation at this school from now on.

For group that claims to defend the rights of the people they sure don't spend any time defending the rights of people to do things the way the want, without the interference of others. If it is their right to not even see religious symbols, then what about my offense at them being covered up?  Your rights do not outweigh mine.  In a country where there is freedom and supposed tolerance, we are always in the position of having the right to look away from things we don't agree with. I don't want to see overweight people in spandex, but I doubt the ACLU will protect my eyes from this atrocity.

The ACLU was wrong to get involved and the court was wrong to decide


  1. This literally made me cry

  2. How much longer are we going to let the ACLU take away our rights because of the few who take offense at ANYTHING religious. Our country was built on a foundation of believing in God. The Government was not and should not interfer with our religious rights. I am deeply offended that non-believers are catered to.