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Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Patriot Enclave-show notes: 5-19

Our fourth amendment rights are being trumped right and left. First we have the indignanties perpetrated on us by the TSA, now we are being assaulted first by the Indiana Supreme Court and then later, our very own U.S. Supreme Court.

Of the 204 new Obamacare waivers President Barack Obama’s administration approved in April, 38 are for fancy eateries, hip nightclubs and decadent hotels in House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s Northern California district.
.....and ALL of Nevada.

New documents suggest Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan was more involved with crafting legal defense of Obamacare than was previously disclosed. Nice, I wonder how she will rule on Obamacare when it gets to the Supreme Court.
(Judicial Watch) However, following the May 10, 2010, announcement that President Obama would nominate Kagan to the U.S. Supreme Court, Katyal position changed significantly as he began to suggest that Kagan had been “walled off” from Obamacare discussions.

For example, the documents included the following May 17, 2010, exchange between Kagan, Katyal and Tracy Schmaler, a DOJ spokesperson:

Shmaler to Katyal, Subject HCR [Health Care Reform] litigation: “Has Elena been involved in any of that to the extent SG ]Solicitor General’s] office was consulted?...

Katyal to Schmaler: “No she has never been involved in any of it. I’ve run it for the office, and have never discussed the issues with her one bit.”

Katyal (forwarded to Kagan): “This is what I told Tracy about Health Care.”

Kagan to Schmaler: “This needs to be coordinated. Tracy you should not say anything about this before talking to me.”

(AUDIO) Newt is a racist.

Scholastic Books pulls a pro American Energy book off its list but lets the pro Global Warming crap stay.

“Teachers are told that the curriculum aligns with national standards because it teaches children the advantages and disadvantages of different types of energy,” the groups’ petition read. “But while the lessons do extol the advantages of coal, they fail to mention a single disadvantage. Nothing about the Appalachian mountains chopped down to get at coal seams. Nothing about the poisons released when coal is burned. Nothing about the fact that burning coal is the single biggest contributor to human-created greenhouse gases.”

Scholastic responded to the criticism by saying that despite the materials’ accuracy, they did not want the sponsorship to taint the Scholastic name.

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