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Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Patriot Enclave-show notes: 5-26

NLRB has decided that essentially you have no property rights if it interferes with employees ability to organize AND annoy your customers.
In their decision, Chairman Liebman and Members Becker and Pearce stated, “We strike an accommodation between the contractor employees’ rights under federal labor law and the property owner’s state-law property rights and legitimate managerial interests.” They concluded that:

“[T]he property owner may lawfully exclude such employees only where the owner is able to demonstrate that their activity significantly interferes with his use of the property or where exclusion is justified by another legitimate business reason, including, but not limited to, the need to maintain production and discipline…”.
There is also a great article on Red State that talks about the slippery slope this could lead to.

(AUDIO) Laura Ingraham makes an excellent point on hypocrisy in the media and pundits on the Presidents response to the tornadoes in Missouri. Meanwhile, the President plays ping pong while the devastation rages thru our state.

(AUDIO) Ed Schultz thinks its OK to attack Laura Ingraham on a personal level because he disagrees with her.

Salon political reporter Alex Pareene thinks the the U.S. Constitution "is archaic and boring and lots of it no longer applies anymore." I wonder if he has the same attitude about the First Amendment. If so I would happy to limit his freedom of speech to things I like. Or how about those pesky military folks that keep him safe everyday of his life.

(AUDIO) Paul Ryan has a pretty good Medicare plan, but no one seems to understand it or want to believe it. Let him clarify.

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