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Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Patriot Enclave-show notes: 6-30

(AUDIO) We have some Dream Act supporters storming the RNC office in D.C. and demanding an education that they have no right to. Interesting, can we do this at McDonald's and the bank as well?

(AUDIO) Obama makes all kinds of outrageous claims about what will happen if the debt ceiling is not raised. But wait!........didn't he include in the stimulus bill tax breaks for companies that buy cool things like corporate jets???

6th Circuit Court of Appeals holds up individual mandate as constitutional.
The plaintiff in the case, Thomas More Law Center, had argued that the mandate compels economic activity, rather than simply regulating it, and is therefore unconstitutional. The Justice Department argued that the provision does not require people to consume healthcare services — which almost everyone will — but rather governs how they pay for it.

The court agreed with the federal government.

“The activity of foregoing health insurance and attempting to cover the cost of health care needs by self-insuring is no less economic than the activity of purchasing an insurance plan,” the decision states. “Thus, the financing of health care services, and specifically the practice of self-insuring, is economic activity.”
A Huston Veterans Cemetery is banning the word GOD from military funerals.
The director of the Houston VA National Cemetery, Arleen Ocasio, has ordered the burial teams to instruct that religious references, as well as prayer, are no longer to be included as part of the burial services. Requests for messages or prayers can be formally submitted for her approval, but the mention of "God" is not allowed.

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