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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Black Tea Partiers called "Sell-Out Negroes" by racist black guy.

I'm not sure if the first guy says even one thing that is true......

The only hatred I see in this video comes from him.

What amazes me is the first two people in opposition shown in this video assert the very group they claim to represent are too stupid to figure out what they believe on their own. Rather than allowing for the fact that different people believe different things based on facts and figures, having absolutely nothing to do with race, they profess the Tea Party to be racist and the black Tea Partiers to be ignorant and stupid. Why does that sound inherently more racist to me than "I disagree with your policies, Mr. President, because I think they are ruining this country."

The last guy again promotes the FALSE meme that the Tea Party has compared President Obama to Hitler. This guy needs to listen up and pay attention: That has been proven false time and time again. In addition, people compared G.W. Bush to Hitler all the time-far more than any LaRouche Democrats have done to Obama because it was much more acceptable and wide spread. Finally, IT IS NOT RACIST TO CALL OBAMA HITLER-it may be disrespectful, it may ignorant, it may dilute the magnitude of the true history-but it is in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM racist. These people need to go back and look up what racism actually means.

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