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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

NBC News allows panelist to use gay slur on air to describe Norquist/Gingrich relationship..

Wow, NBC has really lowered their standards.

This guy couldn't show his hypocrisy any more-he complains about a $25,000 "a pop" Bush White House signing....is he aware that Obama just had a $35,000 per plate fundraising dinner during the highest unemployment we've seen in 30 years? He then talks about the Norquist "no tax" pledge (like not raising taxes is a bad thing) and asks if there is anyone as nefarious on the left. Um, I'm wondering if he's ever heard the name George Soros?

Do you think the ACLU or GLADD will have anything to say about this nasty comment on air? How about the FCC?

Thank goodness NBC is keeping it klassy.....just wow.