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Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Patriot Enclave-show notes: 7-14

(AUDIO) Everyone has lost their mind concerning the debt ceiling. The President is going to let the seniors starve to death. Mitch McConnell is going to let the President raise the ceiling as high as he sees fit and everyone else just wants to stand around and point fingers. Oh and someone died and left Timmy G in charge.......This is insane. There is no tax increase that will pay for just the entitlements we owe, let alone any other thing this Administration wants to pay for. Raising taxes in a down economy will be like setting off a nuclear bomb in my kitchen-the damage will be unimaginable.

Then we have Obama stomping out of the debt talks like a child and claiming:
"On exiting the room, Obama said that “this confirms the totality of what the American people already believe” about Washington, according to a Democratic official familiar with the negotiations, and that officials are “too focused on positioning and political posturing” to make difficult choices."
And because of all of this political posturing by the White House Moody's is considering lowering our credit rating. Awesome.

Well, we have our first arrest of a parent for refusing to allow their child to be molested by TSA.

They want to take the pudgy kids away from their parents. What about the anorexics or bulimics? How about the ones who don't like broccoli? Maybe liver or peas? Where does it end?

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