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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Patriot Enclave-show notes: 7-7

(Audio) George Will traps liberals on Obamacare with an excellent question to which they apparently have no answer

(AUDIO) ABC says not to think too highly of those stupid founder guys. After all they were "guys" not "gods" and they designed the Constitution so we could fix all that ails it.

(AUDIO) Raising taxes creates job. President Obama thinks the boom of the 90's was caused by higher taxes. He also completely forgets Reagan and the 80's in his little "fact" comparison. Furthermore, he is completely unaware that taxes were lowered in the 2000's in RESPONSE to a sluggish economy because of 9/11 and the dotcom burst, NOT, taxes were lowered and then the economy tanked.

The White House is using Twitter to bully people they dont agree with. In fact, they even have a paid position (paid by your tax dollars of course)-namely the Director of Progressive Media and OnLine Response. This position, currently occupied by Jesse Lee, has the job of thwarting any negative press the White House gets online or through social media, such as Twitter. Its fun to know that $72,500 of our taxpayer dollars are going to promote only one side of the argument and one point of view.
Among the employees is the infamous director of progressive media and online response, Jesse Lee, who is paid $72,500 a year to provide White House sanctioned responses to any negative press it receives.

The position, which was previously part of the privately-funded DNC's rapid response team, is now a taxpayer-funded spin machine to thwart bad press against President Barack Obama. In effect, the position is a pulpit for the White House, through Lee, to ridicule critics and promote a liberal agenda. Lee frequently retweets liberal bloggers and media organizations, but also picks fights with a number of conservative bloggers.

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