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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Myths and Facts about the BS that comes out of the White House

Wow, they just can't help themselves, can they? The webernets spokesman for the government goes after the Republicans with lies, more lies and damn lies in the latest blog post dealing with the details of the deficit deal-you know the one the "You Got Screwed Again, America" deal.

Myth: Congress will adopt a balances approach to reducing the debt and deficit over the next 10 years.
Fact: The members of Congress and the White House calling for a "balanced approach" think the rich should pay more taxes-even though they are paying the majority of all taxes paid in this country. Even though it is roughly 48% of all other people who don't pay taxes; who currently aren't being asked to contribute to the taxes and who, while paying little or no tax, are getting money back every year on their taxes through the Earned Income Credit. There isn't "balance" until everyone is contributing something.

Myth: Republicans wanted to gut every program we have that helps the poor and starving. They wanted Granny dead in the street and they would have sold their own children to get these goals accomplished.
Fact: Tea Party Republicans do want to see out of control spending on programs that we can no longer afford reined in. When benefit receivers are receiving almost twice the benefits they pay in, Social Security for instance, it becomes a false choice between keeping the program as it is and changing the program to something else. The real choice is between having the program at all, in some form, or not having anything. The same choice applies to Medicare and Medicaid. While it is true Republicans want to see changes to these programs it is so they can keep a safety net for the most needy, in some form, for years to come. Otherwise, it is Democrats who hate the sick, the young, the old and the poor because they are insisting on keeping programs we will no longer be able to pay for in a very short time. Then there will be nothing.

Myth: We will be able to tax the "rich" at a rate that will keep Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid in their current form with their current and predicted expenditures.
Fact: There isn't enough money or assets in all of the United States to pay for these programs at these levels for any amount of time.

Myth: The Joint Committee puts pressure on all sides to compromise.
Fact: Spending caps and committees have been used previously as a gimmick to pretend to reduce spending in this country before. They tried it in the 80's and the 90's-it didnt work. Congress need only claim the funds are for "Emergency Spending" and 'viola! presto more money-o! In addition, this Joint committee will surely not limit itself to looking at spending caps and tax increases only. With the ability to pass legislation out of the Joint Committee that only allow for a pass/fail vote in the Senate there is no doubt this committee will abuse their power and pass or attempt to pass gun control laws, amnesty laws and a myriad of other things the majority of the American people do not want.

Myth: We only want want is fair in this country when it comes to getting the millionaires and billionaires to pay their part.
Fact: Um, yeah, they already pay their part and everyone elses part. When will "fair" and "everybody" actually mean really fair and all-the-people-in-the-country "everybody"?

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  1. seriously? they said "They wanted Granny dead in the street and they would have sold their own children to get these goals accomplished" right in a post that MY TAX DOLLARS PAID FOR??????????

    link please