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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lt. Governor Peter Kinder responds to ridiculous claim by stripper.

Today, Missouri's Lt. Governor Peter Kinder called into The Dana Show to talk about his involvement in the lawsuit he filed on behalf of Missourians to block the implementation of Obamacare in our state and to respond to completely ridiculous claims made by Tammy Chapman, former stripper and Penthouse "Pet of the Month" from the early '90s.

In the non-story, promoted by the non-journalists at the local alternative rag, Chapman made the claim that Lt. Governor Kinder pursued a relationship with her and "stalked" her while she was a stripper. In fact, she goes so far as to say he made her feel uncomfortable by continuing to visit the establishment and "ogling" her once she made it clear she didn't want a relationship. I'm curious, did she also shout out from the stage to all the other men who would have liked to pursue a relationship with her that they too should stop ogling her while she was taking her clothes off? How rude of those men, there to look at naked women, ogling her! She goes on to say when Kinder happened into the bar 16 YEARS LATER, where she was then working (where the waitresses are sometimes serving drinks in their panties) she was so creeped out by him, she asked him if he remembered her, took a smiling picture voluntarily with him and told him she was looking for a place to live. Chapman makes the totally unsubstantiated and highly unlikely claim that Kinder offered her a room at his campaign funded condo-where he spends almost no time.

The most ridiculous part of this story is......well, basically the entire story. If they were going to write this article they should have titled it "Single Heterosexual Male Visits Strip Club, Pursues Woman Who Isn't Interested."

Ms. Chapman is quoted as saying "He uses his political business card to get women, he is not fit for public office." So, we have come to a point in the political discussion where single politicians shouldn't date or even attempt to date. They should not hand their business cards out and they should not be interested in finding or having a relationship of any kind. Because she says he found her attractive 16 years ago and might have tried to pursue her, makes him fully and completely unfit for office. Frankly, I find no evidence what-so-ever that he was a repeat visitor to said strip club OR that he had any interest in her at all. Pathetic.

Wait, whuuuut? Did you hear that? You know, the other part of the story that the RFT didn't bother to tell you. (But Big Government did.) Tammy Chapman's BFF in the whole wide world is John Ross-who tried to promote this exact same line of BS three years ago when Kinder kicked off his Lt. Governor campaign.
That matters because one year later, in 2008, during Kinder’s Lieutenant Governor campaign, Democrats start carrying posters w/ pics of Chapman saying “Who is this woman?” at events including speaking events in Missouri. The same photos used on those posters are displayed on Ross’ website. As previously reported, nothing came of the story, evidently the media realized there was nothing to it. Fast forward to this year, as Kinder prepares to run for Governor.
John Ross also occasionally writes and regularly comments at RFT. Yuuuuck! what is that smell?
John Ross is a Democrat, he ran for US Congress against Jim Talent in 1998 in the St. Louis area. Ross has been friends with Tammy Chapman since 2004. He has a tell-all story of his friendship w/ Chapman here.
Weirdly, Tammy has also lost her cell phone. Yeah, I know-can you believe it! Darn the luck. Now there will be no more speculating how the RFT got the photo to start with.

I cannot for the life of me figure out what I am suppose to be all up-in-arms about anyway. Even if you want the part about him pursuing her to be true, what do you get? A single dude went to a strip club and a bar, might sometime try to find a woman to take on a date and some of those women might not be interested. If this is news, then as a woman, there are a few men out there that are apparently trying to make news with me. I mean really, he didn't email her nude pictures or Twitter her his junk did he?


  1. Get your facts straight. John Ross does not write for the Riverfront Times.

  2. Also, as for your claim that "Frankly, I find no evidence what-so-ever that he was a repeat visitor to said strip club OR that he had any interest in her at all. Pathetic," you should probably check out today's article on the Post-Dispatch's website.

    It states quite clearly:

    "In his first interview on the topic, Kinder, a Republican from Cape Girardeau who is widely expected to run for governor next year, said he first visited Diamond Cabaret in Sauget after a baseball game in St. Louis when he was a state senator in the mid-1990s. After that, he said, he returned about 10 times. He said he saw Chapman, a former Penthouse Magazine model who worked there as a dancer."

    [Read more: http://www.stltoday.com/news/local/govt-and-politics/political-fix/article_1ade6260-c8fd-11e0-b53f-001a4bcf6878.html]

    Hence, Kinder has gone on the record acknowledging that he was a repeat visitor to the establishment in question and that he did, in fact, meet Chapman at "said strip club." So there's your evidence.

    That is a second major point of contention that you have wrong. How many of these claims did you actually research?

  3. Ok William-a single, heterosexual, man visited a legal place of business multiple times to watch the women there take off their clothes. It is most definitely NOT a major point-frankly, I don't care how many times he went there (and seeing her doesn't qualify as stalking or having interest in her-I'm confident that lots of other dudes "saw her" too), it in no way changes what I wrote. For the side that is all about abdicating personal responsibility and doing whatever suits you whenever you want-y'all sure are prudish about strip clubs.

    I suppose if he was getting blowjobs under the Lt. Governor's desk-and he was a married DEMOCRAT-there would be absolutely nothing to see here.

  4. I'm confused, I thought Kinder was gay. I guess he is gay except for strippers. I just love Republican family values.

  5. Did anyone check this "Tammy Chapman" story. I don't think she is the real Penthouse Pet.