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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Patriot Enclave-show notes: 10-6

(AUDIO)Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee is at it again. She thinks Herman Cain is a big jerk because of his "brainwashed" comments. She says she may disagree with Tea Party but she never insinuate "they didn't thoughtfully think about who they wanted to associate with." Really........

Apple founder Steve Jobs has died. RIP.

Palin and Christie ARE NOT RUNNING.......get over it.

(AUDIO) Herman Cain thinks the Occupy Wall Street movement needs to get a clue. Speaking of Occupy Wall Street, they've had a few visitors and have finally come up with a list of demands......Yay! (AUDIO) We also have Robert Stephens, whose parents are losing their home due to a big bad bank....or maybe they are not.
Thom Hartmann is very upset that Fox and CNN are portraying the protesters as idiots.

Obama is proud to add to the skyrocketing cost of healthcare by demanding that providers cover the cost of contraceptives (including those that cause abortion) and sterilization-deemed "preventative services" without charging a fee or co-pay.

Looks like the Department of Energy was poised to give out a second loan to Solyndra.......ugh.

Your electric bill is going thru the roof thanks to the strangling regulations imposed by the Obama Administration.

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