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Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Patriot Enclave-show notes: 12/1

NLRB moves forward with a controversial vote that would change a union election rule after the board’s lone Republican member showed up to register his opposition.

McDonalds outsmarts the San Francisco government

(AUDIO) Eric Holder is all sad that the Daily Caller is keeping track of calls for his resignation

Obamas approval rating lower than Carters........

(AUDIO) We have a disgusting Welfare Queen who apparently has no idea where her 15 children came from or who's responsibility they are.

The libs are all up in arms cause Siri isnt providing abortions or at least directions an dcontact information to the nearest baby killer.

Then we have the fight over the payroll tax cut extension….you know, the one that is robbing social security

Watch out for The Protect IP Act. This is being sold as an anti-piracy bill, put in place to protect the intellectual property rights of others, but that will actually very likely result in threatening national security, shackle the Internet with regulations and imperil free speech.

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