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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Senate passes payroll tax cut extension

The Senate just passed the temporary payroll tax cut extention that is never going to end. They have extended it for an additional two months. So, they have mortgaged Social Security one more time for $15.00 a week. Thanks.


  1. What can we expect with ?
    This is partially due to an an imbalance of power, and it just was not going anywhere except an Obama blame game against Republicans.
    I wonder how the AARP is doing with this now....
    Of course the old fogie wing of the Repub.s do not help either, but aren't we all attempting to work on this?
    No progress overnight, just a step-by-step approach seems all we can do (while they race through countless damaging legislation that ends up putting us all in jail at their whim!).
    The best case scenario in all of this crap, is to get a majority of reps. in there that have sound minds and repeal, repeal, repeal.

  2. I am not grateful that Congress allows me to keep some of my money for two more months. I am not grateful that I pay for politicians to live in luxury while they vote themselves dictatorial powers and flush our God-given rights down the toilet. I am not grateful that my money is paid to political benefactors through extraordinary government expenditures. I am not grateful that my money pays interest on drowning national debt that Congress created.

    Congress must be secretly grateful that its citizens (or is it “subjects?”) blindly allow it to live like Lords and Ladies while perpetually looting the country of its wealth and value.

    Yeah, thanks so much. No doubt they can keep us thankful until after the election, when the tax hammer inevitably comes down.