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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Google begins massive data aggrigation

Yesterday Google released information on their new privacy policy, or lack thereof, set to take effect on March 1st. In the announcement was the consolidation of over 70 different privacy policies into one. Thier new policy states Google will track useage across multiple products, such as email and search, and customize your browsing experience based off that.
The main change, says Google, is that if you are signed into your Google account, Google will combine user info across its products to better serve account holders. As Google says, "In short, we’ll treat you as a single user across all our products, which will mean a simpler, more intuitive Google experience"
 The announcement has many users concerned. Google has been accused of privacy breeches before and is currently under investigation by a couple of different agencies for various possible business practice violations. When a search giant like Google wants to pilfer your email and searches in order to deliver ads it begins to feel a little creepy. There is little doubt this new "No More Privacy, Policy" will come under the microscope as well.

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