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Friday, February 17, 2012

My CPAC Interview with FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell

I talk with Commissioner McDowell about the UN ITU, White Spaces and where the Net Neutrality fight stands today.

Friday, February 10, 2012

OWS invades CPAC and #fails miserably

OWS....... what a bunch of losers

Video streaming by Ustream
Video streaming by Ustream
Video streaming by Ustream The lame OWS protesters seriously failed at trying to invade CPAC. The very professional and polite police were at the ready all day with riot gear, mounted police and tear gas. Its too bad this group was so lame they didn't have to use any real defense against them. Of course I say this based on the fact that these folks were told to use physical violence if necessary against us.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence in UK bans life saving cancer treatment

Prostate cancer patients will be denied access to the life-extending drug Abiraterone because the cost is too high. NICE says that £35,000 is too much to save a life for what could amount to years for some.
It is a fresh blow for doctors and patients who hoped a new era of drugs could lessen the deadly toll of prostate cancer, which has been described in the past as a low-profile ‘Cinderella’ disease.

Trials show men taking abiraterone and a steroid survived for nearly 15 months, while men given steroid treatment and a ‘dummy’ pill lived for 11 months on average.

But some patients live far longer than expected, including Britons who have survived on the drug for more than four years after developing advanced disease. The drug also eased pain for twice as many men in the trials.
Abiraterone joins the list along with Jevtana which was also deemed too expensive just last month. Unfortunately this is what happens when you put too many people on the government system. Healthcare naturally must be rationed. At first it seems it will only be rationed to the very, very sick and the very, very old....but suddenly it must be rationed to anyone that is going to cost any money what-so-ever beyond the scope of normal everyday healthcare.

Yay for Obamacare........